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How good would it feel to fit into your favourite jeans again?
To bounce out of bed in the mornings with energy and enthusiasm?
To not constantly feel overwhelmed, stressed and struggling?

But most of all, how life-changing would it be to feel
genuinely comfortable, confident and happy to be in your own skin?

At BeachFit and Wellbeing, that’s what we’re all about:
helping you create radiant wellness from the inside out.

We’re a boutique holistic personal training company based in Sydney’s Bondi Beach.
Led by our founder and director, Tanya Doherty, we specialise in helping men and women reclaim their energy and vitality, and discover how amazing they can truly feel in their body and their life.

We do things differently here.

Too many people approach health and wellness with nothing more than an exercise program and a food list… which is why they spend years (even decades) in an endless spiral of diets and deprivation.

By approaching wellness holistically, we can help you break the cycle, tune back in to your own inner wisdom, and ditch the self-loathing for good.

So if you’re ready to create change on a deep-down level – transforming your relationship with food, stress, and yourself at the same time as you transform your body…

Are you seeking...

1:1 Personal Training for Total Transformation

1:1 Personal Training for Total Transformation

Get highly personalised support to help you break through barriers, overhaul your health, and reach your wellness goals.

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Group Programs for Fitness and Wellbeing

Group Programs for Fitness and Wellbeing

Limited numbers, loads of support, big-time results. Definitely not your standard bootcamp!

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Corporate and Employee Health and Wellness

Corporate and Employee Health and Wellness

Want increased employee wellbeing & productivity, and decreased sick days & staff turnover? Let us tailor a program for your workplace!

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Here's what others are saying about our programs...


Tanya Doherty is a wonderful personal trainer. She knows how far and hard to push you, but she also brings a holistic approach to training. She’s friendly, answers questions and provides great advice on diet. I highly recommend her services.


I’ve been training with Tanya for around 3 years now and she’s awesome! Tanya is friendly, supportive, energetic and encouraging. There is little Tanya doesn’t know about all things related to health and wellbeing.


Tanya designed programs around my ability and tailored them to what I enjoy doing. Training is fun, not a punishment. She helped me to feel great on my wedding day.


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How To Activate Your Core

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