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Today's Guest Post is by our Beachfit Trainer Nikki Rubino. Today she shares her top 10 tips to take you from zero to a running hero.

Nikki currently trains clients in Double Bay and Sydney Park, and is an integral part of the team, supporting clients, being the official videographer, and jumping in when needed, and a ball of energy.

You can find Nikki on Instagram here.

It’s that time of year again when a whole heap of fun runs are about - City to Surf, Sutherland to Surf, Colour Run, Neon Run and even novelty events such as Zombie Runs if your that way inclined…

But maybes running is something that you’ve crossed off the list as something that’s not for you.

That inner voice talks you out of it; you tell yourself “I’m not a runner”, “I could never do it”, “I’m not fit enough”, “I don’t know how to train for it”.

Well I’m here to say YES. Yes you can! Its’ all about changing the inner voice story and letting your inner cheerleader shine through who tells you, “we could try and see how we go”, “imagine the sense of accomplishment at the finish line”. Yes listen to her - she’s got your back!

I’ve been there, I hated running, when my hubby would ask me to join him for a run I’d feel so much slower an feel like I was thumping along on the pavement, where in comparison he would look like a chiselled gazelle floating along the pavement! Here I was with my legs rubbing together, I’d be out of breath, face like a beetroot - and we’d barely even started!

Since then I’ve completed many 5kms fun runs, 11km Sutherland to Surf, 14km City to Surf and most recently I achieved my personal best of completing 15kms in the Wings for Life run in Melbourne.

So, I want to give you my ‘Top 10 Tips’ that helped me learn to embrace running. I’m the first to admit I don’t love running but I do love a sense of accomplishment and achievement.


No, not just the fancy looking kind - ones that are right for YOU.

I recommend going somewhere like Athlete’s Foot or a specialist running shoe store where they will do a free full stride assessment where you can see for yourself how your feet move and where you need the support. Trust me it will make the world of difference, and you don’t want a injury to stop you back from your stride.


What better way to keep yourself motivated and accountable then buddying up with a friend. You can be the same fitness level trying it all out for the first time or grab someone you know will give you that little push and encouragement to help you along the way.


Whether its iTunes, Spotify, Pandora - wherever your music is make a list of your favourite tracks that are the right kind of speed for you. Personally, I love dance doof doof, when I’m off for a run, I like to start of with a steady pace for a few tracks. When I know I'm probably getting tired I throw in one of my fire up songs - pretty much anything from the old skool Nick Skitz megamix or the Fast and Furious soundtracks. Find something that puts some fire in your belly for 1-2 tracks then head back to your steady paced tracks to finish.


It doesn’t matter how small you think that goal is, have something specific - whether it’s a 5km fun run, 14km City to Surf or Half/Full marathon territory. Own it, commit to it and go for it!

SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, realistic, Timely.

  1. Build from the ground up.

Running is a cardio activity but you still need adequate strength to help you. Your glutes (bum) and hamstrings ( Back of your thighs) need to activate to help give you power and avoid injury. T

Think about incorporating static and walking lunges along with a variety of squats into your training routine, and some specific glute activation drills - keep an eye out for a video tutorial coming soon. make sure you're on our email list to receive it.


What is a hip flexor? The group of muscles at the front of your hip that span from your lower back to the tip of your thigh. If you sit all day these can get super tight as they are in a contracted position for long parts of the day.

When you start running you’ll notice that your legs not only power forward but you also need a range of motion that allows you to get a good stride going.

Its really important to release your hip flexors, this will improve your running.


Go for a walk or drive around the area you want to start to train in and choose a route you feel comfortable with. If there is a massive hill that makes you anxious, avoid it while starting out. You can use this as a challenge later.

When you use the same route it’s easier to track your improvements, and as your confidence increases you can start exploring more.


The first time you try your chosen route, look for any landmarks that catch your eye; a tree, park, sign, shop, garden - anything that you can use as a destination marker.

Give yourself mini-landmark goals that you want to strive to reach on each run. Try and jog to these and mark them out along the entire route so eventually you will jog the whole way with minimal walking breaks.

  1. GO FOR IT

Yup, just go for it! Jog as far as you can until you need to slow down and walk. When you slow to a walk take a moment to notice where you jogged to. Congratulate yourself on getting that far and you now have now set a benchmark to attempt to beat the next time you run.


What better motivation is there than knowing you are helping make a difference.

Plenty of runs now let you donate or raise money for a charity of your choice. Find one that means something to you - Blackmores Running Festival raises money for heart health, the 7 Bridges Walk raises funds for the Cancer Council, and Breast Cancer fundraiser fun runs too.

Find something you are passionate about and help raise awareness and funds. If people are sponsoring you there is more accountability for you to do the best you can

I’d love to hear what tips your going to implement from this article, and share with your running buddies.

“You don’t have to see the whole journey to the finish line. You just have to take that first step!”

Let us know in the comments below, what's the first step your going to take away and action. That's where the results are.

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