4 Things Your Trainer Hates You Doing

Have you ever wondered what your trainer wishes you would stop doing? It could be things that are stopping you from getting you the results you desire, or not maximizing your time in your workout session.

Disconnect to reconnect.

STOP checking your phone during your session I know its hard to believe but there was once upon a time when you weren’t contactable by phone unless you were at home. As hard as it is to believe you lived through those days, and were OK.

Believe me when I say this – you can go through an hour without being contactable. The thought might give you cold sweats but I believe in you. YOUV’E GOT THIS.

Yes I know there are some occasions you may be need to check your phone, but I don’t believe any emergency’s have came through facebook before.

Talk the entire session, without breaking a sweat.

Use your workout time as social time. I love building a community in my sessions, I think it's amazing to have the support and know your squad, but keep the big conversations for after your workout, and just share the sweat and the small stuff during the workout.

Youv’e probably got a busy life, so make the most of your workout time by you know working out….

Arrive on time or even a few minutes before.

This one annoys me the most. I totally understand that sometimes you will get caught in traffic or accidentally hit the snooze button, but when you arrive late week and week, frankly it's just damn rude.

By missing part of the session (Normally the warm up) you are putting yourself at a higher risk of injury and disrupting the class as we bring you up to speed, and ruining it for your squad.

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Listen to your body, and its support team.

LISTEN to you body, trainer AND physio. So many of my wonderful clients rock up to sessions with back backs, wrists, hips, shoulders, and don’t give their body the rest they deserve. If it’s a ongoing injury we will be happy to modify exercises for you, and recommend that you see a physio, and listen to their recommendations.

What doesn’t make us happy is if you injury yourself then rock up to training the next day, when your body is screaming at you to rest. The same goes if your sick. We appreciate your commitment, but we don’t want to get sick, and if your training in a group environment, I don’t think your squad wants to get sick either, so do us all a favour rest and recover, and come back stronger.

What My clients hate me doing...

I'm all for a bit of self-reflection, so I think its only fair if I add what my guys hate me doing, and holding my hand up.

1 - I can't count. Clients forget you read that bit...

2 - I can't start a timer. I often get distracted with technique so may of you know forgot...

3 - I can be mean with the exercise sequence. You know like 5 thigh exercises in a row occasionally. Just know I do it for you. Promise...

What pet hates does your trainer have? Let me know in the comments below x

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