The Secret to Sustaining Your Weight Loss

20 September 2016

As women and men we are under a lot of pressure. Most of it is intrinsically and brought upon ourselves.

Most likely your tired. Tired of being tired, tired of not feeling amazing in your bikini this summer, tired of the guilty food cycle, emotional eating and generally not having enough time to prioritize yourself.

I know this about you, as I suffer from exactly the same. Apart from I’m a bit further along then where you may are right now.

Do you know why? Because I’ve stopped trying to be everyone to everyone, saying to yes to anything and everything, and putting myself last.

I liken it to being on a plane – they tell you to put your own oxygen mask on first, before helping others with theirs. The same is true in life really.

You Have To Make The Decision To Unashamedly Prioritize Self Care In Your Life.

Now I was going to say put yourself first, but understandable if you have children you might be number 2 or 3 or 4 etc for that matter, BUT you still need to have some form of self-care.

How does this apply to weight loss? I’m not going to lie I used that title to draw you in.

Honestly I couldn’t care less about helping you sustain your weight loss. I don’t even know how much I weigh, and haven’t done for about 6 months. And that was only because a doctor made me get on the scales. (72kg if you were interested).

What I do care about is you giving yourself permission to thrive. To say no to things that aren’t going to light you up, to put the kids in daycare for a few hours if you just need to have a coffee and breath, or even just to hide in the bathroom at work taking deep breaths for 5 minutes.

(True Story in my first and last temping job I had when I came to Australia I used to cry in the bathroom every day, It wasn’t my true calling - I DON'T recommend this)

When you give yourself permission to say YES to yourself, and ultimately decided to nourish and move your body out of love, your body will find its natural happy setting point. And it's up to you to choose to make that decision day in, day out. No one can make that decision for you.

Now hopefully your inspired to take action: I recommend the following.

  • Schedule 5 minutes in a day for yourself, preferably in the morning before you have touched social media etc, Use this 5 minutes to breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Try to still your mind and focus on your breath. Ask yourself – what do I need today? And listen for the answer. It might take a few rounds, but eventually your true voice will start to guide you into your day.
  • Start saying no. How many times have you said yes to something and then 2 minutes later wondered why? If you're truly honest with yourself and others, no one will mind. If you don’t want to attend something be honest. (It's completely refreshing and may inspire the other person to also prioritize themselves!
  • Download your FREE 27 Page Fitness and Wellbeing Ebook here. This Ebook is the blueprint of my 8 part system I use to help clients ditch the diets, ditch the unachievable goal of perfection, and learn to nourish themselves – you’d be crazy not too!

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