6 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring A Personal Trainer

I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 7 years. During this time I have seen many people come and go.

Did you know that the lifespan of a personal trainer is less then 12 months?Scary stuff. And unfortunately a lot of trainers out there have great intentions, but course providers, realize that this is a growing industry so a few are giving our badges to anyone who will give them enough money, with minimum training and assessment.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s some incredible trainers out there, and a few especially that I look up to.

So today I wanted to share my top 5 Must ask questions to make sure your in the right hands – don’t take their selfies as gospel.

1 – How much experience do they have?

Too many peoples first question is what’s the price? As with anything else in life you get what you pay for. What’s your health and wellbeing worth to you? Ask what your trainers experience is.

I specialize in working with women, who are ready to ditch the excuses, ditch perfection, and who are ready to thrive in all areas of their life. They must be committed and ready to do the work.

Where if a gentlemen came up to me and asked if I can Train him to gain 9kg of pure muscle? I’m going to pass him on to someone else, as I can’t go above and beyond for him.

 2 – Client Testimonials.

Ask to see some client testimonials, or if there are any clients who wouldn’t mind having a 5-minute chat with you. Ask them any questions you might have, and ask about their results and experience.

3 – Is there any support between sessions?

Will they be in touch in between sessions, will they provide any feedback on diet, or the rest of your exercise routine, or will you just be seeing them for the time you are spending with them in your session?

4 – What’s the minimum commitment?

I now have an 8-week minimum commitment. Why? Because your not going to see results if I only see you 3 times. And I want to make sure that you are committed to the outcome.

My Program is 8 weeks, and in this time I believe I can transform your health and wellbeing. If you can’t commit to 8 weeks, I’m not for you.

So make sure you check with your trainer, and discuss what your trying to achieve.

5 – What are they promising?

You’ll lose 10kg in 4 weeks? You’ll fit in your favorite bikini next week? This might be true, but will most likely be accompanied by a restrictive diet that you will be unable to follow long term.

Sure you might lose 10kg in 4 weeks, but I can pretty much guarantee that you won’t lose it for long. Quick fixes are just that – quick fixes for a short amount of time.

Do you want long-term results? Well sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you need to commit to a long term nutritional and fitness routine, not a quick fix routine. Any program that promises easy results is probably not worth your time (or money).

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