6 Healthly, Quick and Easy Snacks

We often find that the number 1 problem isn't people's main meals, but the snacks they have in between meals.

However we must suggest that the reason a lot of people snack is because they don't eat enough at main meals, in an effort to be "good".

Make sure your loading up your plate with a combination of protein, fats, and slow release carbohydrates, before snacking.

Today we want to share with you 6 different healthy snacks, that are quick and easy to prepare.

1 – Veggie sticks and hummus. We love chopping up carrots, cucumber, and capsicum sticks and popping them in hummus.

Making your own hummus is the best option, but if your short on time, or would just rather buy it (I do most of the time) I love Obela hummus.

2 – Capsicums. We love capsicums! Easy, tasty and comes in its own packaging.

3 – Apple/ Celery and peanut butter. Chop an apple into slices and lightly scrape peanut butter or any other nut butter on top, alternatively use celery sticks. Delicious. Mayvers peanut butter is our favorite brand, no nasties.

4 –Full-fat natural yogurt and berries. Super satisfying. If we're after a chocolaty treat, we will mix full-fat natural yogurt with Mayvers cacao peanut butter, feels like a naughty treat.

5 – Boiled eggs. Boil a few in one go, and pop into the fridge. Again you can top with hummus, or plain salt and pepper for a protein based snack.

6 - Raw Chocolate. We absolutely love chocolate, and love getting creative in the kitchen with raw chocolate, and it can be part of a healthy diet, just remember to keep it in the freezer, so it doesn't melt.

Get creative with your snacks, and plan for them if you know you like to snack throughout the day, and rotate them so you don’t get bored.

If you have any yummy suggestions that you use as your go - to's let us know below, we're always looking for new ideas.

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