Confessions Of A Personal Trainer – I Don’t Practice What I Preach.

16 May 2017

I’ve been a personal trainer for over 8 years, and absolutely love my profession. I get to work with women and men, who are ready to prioritize themselves, and step into a fitter and healthier version.

Over the 8 years, I’ve made numerous mistakes and silly recommendations. All in my first year or even second year.

That’s something that will never change - you learn this job on the go. The courses required to get you your qualification are barely worth the paper they are written on, but that’s another story.

In the last 6 years:

I’ve done the I quit sugar program twice.

I went paleo for 2 weeks. (Another story but I think I dropped about 4kg in 2 weeks!).

I’ve done a gut healing program.

I got way too excited with “healthy” baking and made/ate way too many sweets made out of dates and nuts.

And I’ve never stuck with anything, and I don’t expect my clients to follow my method to a t - I don’t.

You’ll quite often hear trainers say you need to find a trainer that walks their talk, and who you have aspirations to be like. I think that’s occasionally great advice, but personally I think experience accounts for a WHOLE lot more. (Again another story).

If you’ve read my previous confessions you will know I have been undergoing fertility treatment for the past year, and this has had my nutrition and fitness spiral out of control.

  • The hormonal drugs make me feel batshit crazy, exhausted, and give me insomnia.
  • The emotional up and down of going through fertility treatment, having miscarriages, biochemical pregnancies, when your period rocks up 2 weeks after the day your going for a pregnancy blood test will send me to messina’s (Sydneys BEST ice cream palour) faster then you can say ice cream.

So why am I sharing this? Its certainly not inspirational, but I’m not always about inspiration, there’s plenty of that on Instagram where people spend an hour getting the perfect selfie.

I’m all about sharing the nitty, gritty of this imperfect life. I want to share with you that it’s OK to fail and need to get back up again.

It’s ok to have periods in your life where your health and fitness is put on the back shelf whilst you deal with what you need too.

Life is a journey and its different for everyone. I don’t give people a 8-week program hoping that they will follow everything and give everything a go - I tell them to do what resonates and leave what doesn’t.

What empowers me is that I’m giving them the tools and they can pick up the tools and use them when needed.

I’m not saying that it’s ok to gain 15kg, and continually use the excuse you don’t have time. I am saying that just like the seasons we have seasons, and sometimes its a-ok if the most you can do is go for a walk.

Be kind to yourself and listen to your heart.

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