Do You Have Group Fitness Intimidation?

We’ve been teaching group fitness for around 8 years now, and have came to realize that some people look longingly into joining a group fitness class, but there’s something holding them back.

Quite often along the lines of…

  • What if I’m not fit enough to keep up?
  • Eugh everyone will be looking at me.
  • I don’t know the moves.

Its what we’ve came to call groupfitnessimidation, and we want to help you bust through the barriers.

If you’re a solo slogger and you like it that way, then all power to you, however there’s a part of the population that could be getting BIGGER results if they had the guidance of an instructor.

A structured group training program is one of the best ways to get results.

You get personalized attention, modifications for different fitness levels and injuries and get pushed a lot further then you would solo.

Especially if your new to this whole fitness thing, your chances of getting injured are a lot smaller if someone is correcting your technique, and regressing/progressing you as appropriate.

So now we’ve sold you on the idea, how will you get over your groupfitnessimidation to actually participate in a class and reap the benefits?

  • The Beauty of Small Group Training is that you will be offered different options depending on your fitness capabilities and experience. You will never be left behind
  • No-one is looking at you. Quite honestly everyone is to self absorbed worrying what they look like, and aren’t paying you any attention (I mean this in the kindest way possible). Instead of worrying focus on your technique, engaging the right muscles and smiling and having fun. We have evidence that smiling makes it better by at least 1000%.
  • You don’t need to know the moves, in fact we expect you NOT to know the moves, so we can show you, and build you up from the ground up.

We hope that's convinced you, and if your ready to make your group fitness debut and be supported by a community, and experienced trainers your in luck.

Yep not just any program, but our signature 8 week program that will whip you into shape, and smiling the whole way into summer, with a twist.

What have you got to lose apart from your excuses?

Get ready to transform, don’t spend august regretting your decision, and looking for a bikini quick program - We see it every year.

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