4 Of My Favourite Fitness And Wellness Podcasts

10 April 2018

I absolutely love walking, and do a bit of travelling due to the nature of my work, and like to learn as I clean my house so it’s far to say that I’ve built up a pretty awesome podcast feed!

I wanted to share with you my  top favourite podcasts to get you started, inspired and educating yourself.

Scott Gooding Project. 

 Scott interviews inspiring leaders in the food and fitness movement, and is hugely passionate about improving the health of Australian kids.

The Space Between 

 Alongside being one of my favourite yoga instructors in Sydney, Kate shares mindful conversations with friends and the extended global community who are making a difference.

Short and sweet, get ready to roll out your mat and join in with the Yin Yoga guide whilst you listen.

Live Immediately with Mike Campbell 

 This podcast is perfect for mindful walks, where you can really pay attention and thoughts to this amazing conversations Mike has with inspiring people from around the globe.

He dives into those big moments that have pushed them through the fears and self-limiting beliefs that hold so many of us back.

The Melissa Ambrosini Show 

Melissa Ambrosini is also the writer of one of my favourite and most recommended books – master your mean girl.

Melissa talks to thought inspiring leaders and game changers across the globe and dives deep.

Again a amazing one for mindful walks she’ll inspire you to ditch your mean girl, uplevel your thinking, health and wellbeing.

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