5 Top Reasons why you should include yoga in your routine

Yoga has lately took the world by storm, If you haven’t joined in yet, here’s 5 top reasons why you should include yoga in your routine

1. It makes you bendy. As we age our muscles start to tighten up, movement starts to become more restrictive and generally harder.

Hands up who sometimes have difficulty fastening their shoelaces? Yoga will have you touching your toes in no time.

Yoga helps to lengthen the ligaments and muscles. Especially a yin class, which focuses on holding deeper poses for longer.

2 .You can connect with yourself. I realise how that sounds, but after a while you’ll realise you just spend the last hour forgetting what was happening in games of thrones in last night’s episode or, forget about Bob at work who was chasing you about that report.

All that matters for that time period is supporting yourself, moving with your breath and trying to get deeper in that side twist, or crow.

3. It will help you build strength. Throughout the yoga poses you will be using your bodyweight to get into positions you didn’t realise existed, and you will feel awesome. I promise.

Some of these positions will be familiar – like chaturanga, hello push-ups!

4. You will become addicted and what to get to the class earlier to chill out in butterfly or child’s pose. The yoga studio fast becomes a place for you to cocoon yourself in and retreat from the rest of the world.

Arriving 10 minutes early will soon become a must instead of a nicety. Getting away from the hustle and taking a few moments to connect with your breath before the class starts will be a must.

5. You will become a better person to hang out with. Regular yoga practice has been linked to better mental health. If reduces the affects of seasonal affective disorder, stress levels and can assist with depression.

Ok, I couldn't stop at 5 - heres a bonus benefit

6. There are so many types of yoga there is one for everyone. If you find the classes too quiet you can try hip-hop yoga, which is done to music, if you want to take it further you, can try anti gravity yoga which is done in a hammock.

The options are truly endless. Keep trying and find a space and a teacher that you connect with. Check out my Sydney health and wellbeing guide for some top studios I recommend.

Are you a regular yogi or has this nudged you in the direction of trying a class? Let me know in the comments below, would love to hear your thoughts x

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