Must ask questions before you commit to a training program.

6 Questions you must ask before joining a training program

There are so many amazing group fitness-training programs, how do you decide whom you decide to go with?

I love Group-training programs, as they allow for accountability, community and a supportive environment to support your goals, and a change from the usual gym programs.

Here are my top 6 questions you should ask before committing:

1 – What support do you get?

If you’re a self-motivated speed demon, you might not need as much support as someone who is new to exercise.

Is there support outside the sessions, or is the only contact you get during the sessions?

There’s no right or wrong, only what’s right for you. If you keep falling off the fitness wagon, I would suggest going somewhere where you will get support and a push when needed.

Are you gave advice on what to nutrition and other factors if this is an area, which you’re lacking in?

2 – How many people are in each session?

Group programs vary from the amount of people they allow per session. Some will go up to the maximum that you’re allowed per trainer (20 per trainer I believe it is), and others will cater to smaller groups.

How much attention would you like? Are you confident in your exercise technique, and ability to push yourself?

The amount of people in each session will depend on how much attention you get.

With smaller groups your going to get a lot more personal hands on technique correction, and become part of a community where in a bigger class your not going to get the same level of attention.

3 – How often are the sessions, and where are the sessions?

You might like the sound of unlimited sessions, but what’s the likelihood of you going 6 days a week?

Would it be better for you to sign up to for less sessions but with a smaller group and more support, or would you rather more sessions and more people?

Also are the sessions close enough to you? The program 30 minutes drive from you may look amazing, but will it continue to do so at 5am every morning?

4 – What is it promising?

You’ll lose 10kg in 4 weeks? You’ll fit in your favorite bikini next week? This might be true, but will most likely be accompanied by a restrictive diet that you will be unable to follow long term.

Sure you might lose 10kg in 4 weeks, but I can pretty much guarantee that you won’t lose it for long. Quick fixes are just that – quick fixes for a short amount of time.

Do you want long-term results? Well sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you need to commit to a long term nutritional and fitness routine, not a quick fix routine. Any program that promises easy results is probably not worth your time (or money).

5 – What’s the cost?

Depending on how many people are allowed in the sessions, and how many sessions you can attend will determine the cost.

This is obviously one of the biggest influencers for most people, but you have to remember you get what you pay for.

Think about the commitment your making to your health and wellbeing? Is there a bigger investment you could make in yourself? Not in my eyes.

6 – What’s involved?

Is it 2 running sessions a week, and 3 boxing sessions? Is it weight based? Is it a variety? Ask what you can expect to do on a weekly basis. It its basically a running camp and your not a fan of running then its not for you.

I hope this helps you to find the right fit. Committing to an exercise program, should be the right fit for you, it can be a costly exercise and a lot of programs tie you into contracts, so you want to make sure its the right one.

Make sure you check off these 6 questions before you commit to help you get the most out of your training time.

I run an 8-week wellness and fitness program in Sydney’s Double Bay and Sydney Park. No fad diets, no fad results, but an 8-week building block course to lay the foundations for long-term success.

Sessions are limited to 12 people per session to ensure you get hands on correction, answers to any questions and we know your name, injuries and motivation.

The next round starts on the 4th April, if your ready to make yourself a commitment and discover how amazing you can feel reserve you space now x

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