A day on my plate

If your anything like me, your curious about what people eat to keep them happy, healthy and nourished.

Personally I love a wide range of food, and try and mix things up, but here’s what I eat on a regular basis.

This is a typically day on my plate, but it varies a lot. Unfortunately with the amount of travelling I do I often have to eat in the car which I don't recommend.


English breakfast tea with some full fat milk, paired with some full fat natural yoghurt or coconut yoghurt and some cinnamon and pecan granola and if I’m feeling naughty a teaspoon of mayvers organic nut butter. Yummo.


Lunch varies massively for me, but I try to make 2 portions of dinner the night before, so its always leftovers. I find this much easier then preparing a extra meal, and it’s fair enough to say some lettuce, tomato and cucumber isn’t going to fill this girl. For lunch today I had a stuffed portobello mushroom with ricotta, zucchini, herbs and cauliflower mash.

Afternoon snack:

Snacking is something that I’m trying to curb as I find it difficult to eat a lot in one go, I’m more of a grazer. Since quitting sugar I don’t find myself grazing as much, but if I do fancy something I often have 3 crackers with a silver of red Leicester cheese, and a herbal tea.


Again dinner varies a lot for me, this dinner was a chicken and lime stir fry, which basically consisted of all the veggies I could get my hands on, lots of herbs, tamari, ginger and lime and a small side of brown rice.

My eating philosophy.

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know how much I love my food, and I like a wide variety.

I don’t follow a strict diet or restrict myself in any way.

I try to have no more then 2 caffeinated drinks a day, drink plenty of water, base my meals on plant foods, and eat organic chicken 2 – 3x per week and complex carbohydrates such as quinoa, and brown rice.

I don’t eat a lot of diary and when I do I ensure its organic full fat, and try to eat organic the majority of the time, Since doing the IQS program I have decreased the amount of fruit I eat and have became so much more aware of the hidden sugars in everything.

I eat raw chocolate, and ice cream on occasion and have treats when I feel like it.

Most importantly I don’t count calories and I don’t recommend that my clients do either.

Do you follow a strict diet, or do you prefer to eat intuitively? x

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