Get the mind onboard and the body will follow.

I believe that wellness starts from within, and that you being here is sign your ready to dive in to that journey.

I’m Tanya Doherty and I’m a holistic personal trainer.

I work with incredible men and women who want more for themselves and are ready to reclaim their fitness and wellbeing.

I grew up wanting to be fitness instructor in the army. I got to my selection weekend, and unfortunately I was sick with gastro. I tried to push through but failed miserable when it came to the run – I just couldn’t breathe. Devastated with myself I headed home to my then boyfriend at the time, fell in love and never went back for another selection weekend.

7 years after that fateful weekend, we emigrated to Australia and my eyes were opened to the other side of wellness world. I dived in and realized there was so much more and have never looked back.

Beachfit is a company developed with women and men that are done with feeling anything else then awesome and are read to take control of their wellbeing and love themselves.



Some random nuggets about me:

I’m originally from England – Newcastle Upon Tyne. So technically that makes me a Geordie. (I definitely don’t relate to the people on Geordie Shore!)

I hate running. Despite this you will find me in various running events around Sydney. The more mud the better!

I love yoga. One day I will do my teacher training.

I’m in my element when I’m in sea water. To me there’s nothing better when taking a big dive and throwing yourself in under the waves. That first breath of fresh sea salt air after your dive – bliss!

  • Over 6 years experience as a personal trainer
  • Charles Poliquin Biosignature practitioner
  • Rehab Trainer Level 1
  • MMA Fitness Level 1