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I believe that health starts from within.

I believe that how you feel in your own skin is way more important than the size of your jeans.

And I believe that true wellness is so much more than just slamming a green smoothie and hitting the treadmill…

Hi there! I’m Tanya Doherty. I’m a holistic personal trainer who specialises in helping men and women who want more from their lives and who are ready to reclaim their fitness and wellbeing.

I do things differently to other fitness experts you may have trained with or watched on telly…

See, I believe it’s more important to build a beautiful healthy lifestyle than a ‘banging bikini body’ (uggh).

I believe that the key to transformation is by addressing all of you – body, mind, and soul – not just your abs and glutes.

And most importantly of all, I believe that you – beautiful, gorgeous you – can create the vibrant, strong, glowing health you’ve dreamed of (no matter where you’re starting from).

I approach health holistically. Not just ‘cos it feels better that way, but because it’s the only way to actually create true, lasting change.

Loads of PTs think that wellness begins and ends with a workout and a food plan. (Hell, that’s what most of us were taught!) But that kind of approach doesn’t actually work in real life.

I mean, consider this: as trainers, we only see our clients for three, four, maybe five hours each week – which leaves 165 other hours where our clients are out there facing the big bad world alone! So you can bet your sweet patootie that if you want lasting change, you need more than just an A4 list of foods you can’t eat and the ability to do a good burpee…

That’s why I work on helping my clients transform their relationship with their body, with food, and with their spirit and soul too…

I do this through small group and personal training packages. You can check out my service offers over here.

Basically, it’s health from the inside out.

That way, we’re creating sustainable change, and you’re equipped to deal with everything life throws at you. Instead of a bad day at work sending you straight to the bikkie jar, or a squabble with your partner sending you head-first into a bag of chips, you’re able to give your body what it really needs – whether it’s some nurturing time-out, some nourishing comfort food, perhaps a relaxing yoga session, or even just a night on the couch with your favourite TV show.

In my sessions, as well as getting an intense workout, you’ll learn how to actually care for your body – and yourself.

So many people don’t know how to practice self-care. They don’t know how to listen to their body. They don’t know how to treat themselves with loving kindness.


So yep, train with me and you’ll get stronger, fitter, more flexible, and lose inches and kilos… but the transformation will also go much deeper than that.

These sessions have a softer side.

I want you to connect with your body. To push hard, but to also appreciate it and find joy in it. To feel into things, to learn, to tune in to your truth, and to reconnect with that raw, real part of yourself that’s so easy to become separated from. It’s never just straight out ‘exercise’ with me, there’s always a deeper element, which is what makes it so rewarding (for both me and my clients).

And after so many years in the industry, I know what works.

Originally, I wanted to be a PT in the army. But the Universe stepped in and sent me a massive dose of flu on the selection weekend (fun…!). After failing miserably – and feeling utterly crushed – I retreated home to the arms of my boyfriend to rest and recover… and promptly fell head over heels in love. The rest, as they say, is history! I never went back for another selection weekend – instead we began making other (loved-up plans) including emigrating from our home in England – in Newcastle Upon Tyne – to Sydney, Australia, and eventually getting married.

I’ve now been a personal trainer for over 6 years, and am also a Charles Poliquin Biosignature practitioner, a Rehab Trainer Level 1, and an MMA Fitness Trainer Level 1.

When I’m not training my gorgeous clients, you’ll find me…

+ Surfing! Nothing makes me happier than being in the ocean. One of my big goals for this year is to be able to surf with a much smaller board (anything under 7-foot please!).

+ Meditating. I know some people find the thought intimidating, but there’s really nothing that helps keep me more calm and centred than getting my butt on my mat and honing in on my breath.

+ Having brunch with friends at the latest trendy organic café we’ve discovered. Smoothie bowls, omelettes, piping hot coffee… I love brunch!

And if you really knew me, you’d know that…

+ My secret guilty pleasure is a bar of Loving Earth raw salted caramel chocolate, or a giant scoop of Messina’s salted caramel and white chocolate ice cream. (Yep, there’s definitely a theme going on…!)

+ I’m a traveller at heart, and love escaping for an adventure! Whether it’s a weekend mini-break or a full-blown trip to the other side of the world, nothing restores my spirit and recharges my batteries like some good old ‘wanderlusting’. (I’m also madly passionate about healthy travel, and have some exciting projects in the works on that front, so keep your eyes peeled!

+ I’ve struggled over the years finding the right balance for my own health and wellbeing – I’m definitely not perfect, and I’m proud to say it. But when I finally figured out how to cut myself some slack, how to talk nicely to myself, how to embrace balance and moderation instead of crazy extremes, and how to actually, properly look after and nourish myself… everything changed. And I’ve never looked back.

This work doesn’t feel like a job to me. It’s way more than that.

I feel honoured to guide people on their journey towards wellness. I genuinely care about my clients, and am truly invested in helping them rediscover how good they can actually feel, and that life doesn’t need to be a groundhog spiral of tiredness, caffeine, sugar and stress.

Honestly, I get so happy seeing them happy. There’s truly nothing better than seeing someone crack the code to looking after themselves. This work makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world…

So tell me, friend – are you ready to start your own wellness journey?

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Here’s to your wellness, and to feeling (freaking) awesome,

Tanya x