The Announcement I’ve Been Waiting To Make For 5 Years…

30 January 2018

Well if you didn’t know already, I’m pregnant! And due any day now to give birth to a baby boy.

If you have been following Beachfit and Wellbeing for a while, you will know that this was a long journey for myself and husband. 5 years in total.

You can read part one here , and part 2 here -, and I guess this part 3!

So it took 18 months of fertility treatment to get here. I did 8 cycles in total, with a few breaks in-between.

I did 4 cycles of clomid, which gave me insomnia. On 3 I ovulated, and on 1 I didn’t. This was kind of a stab in the dark approach – I was sent home to have sex every other day and to hope that it worked. Unfortunately it didn’t, quite often I think it was because my hubby and me were sick of forced sex by the end of the week, so missed when I actually ovulated!

I did 3 cycles of clomid + iui. By now thankfully the side effects of clomid had subsided. The iui involves injecting yourself 24 hours before the iui to trigger ovulation, and then collecting a sample of sperm washing it, to make it more potent and inserting it into the uterus using a catheter, after which you get to lie there for 15 – 20 minutes and hopefully let it do its work!

The first time we did this was absolutely heartbreaking. After each cycle you have to wait 14 days to see if your period arrives. If it doesn’t you go for a blood test and hope there’s a reason it hasn’t arrived.

Being as impatient as I am I took a home test 5 days after my period was due (I was a bit pessimistic by then) and to my surprise it came up positive! Super excited I called the hospital for a blood test, and spent the entire day in a mix of awe, excitement and trying to take it easy because I was pregnant!

At 2pm I rang the hospital excited for them to confirm what I had saw this morning. Unfortunately my progesterone was tanking which meant I had a chemical pregnancy, which is basically a very early miscarriage. Something happened, and then for some reason it stopped developing.

We did 2 more rounds of iui and clomid to no success. My period arrived like clockwork 14 days after the iui. Disappointingly our third round it decided to show up on the first day of our holiday – not the best start!

The next step for us was to do injections + iui. This meant injecting myself on a daily basis until it looked like I was ovulating, then triggering ovulation and then doing the iui.

By this time I was just waiting to do ivf. I knew if we did 3 rounds of this with no success it would be time for ivf.

I decided I was going to take a month off visit my family in the UK, and stop via New York for 5 years, and just take a breather from it all. I was truly exhausted. A good friend had just gave birth, and another good friend announced she was pregnant with her second baby, it all just took the wind out of my sails despite being happy for them.

I researched flights and bookmarked them for future reference.

The injections weren’t too bad; they just left me with a bruised and itchy tummy and made me ravenous.

We did the iui, and the wait began. 10 days post the iui my husband said he couldn’t wait any longer and to go and pee on a stick.

So I did (I had a steady supply!) and tried to leave it for 3 minutes (facing down obviously!). My hubby checked it about 2 minute’s in and threw it down stating that it was negative.

I went to pick it up to put it in the bin, and resign myself to another round starting in the next few days. I picked it up and low and behold it was POSITIVE!

This is the fourth time we have had a positive pregnancy home test so I called the hospital the next day for a blood test, whilst trying to stay calm, imaging that it could be a chemical pregnancy and low and behold it wasn’t. I’m PREGNANT!

First trimester confessions coming soon… (Sneak Peek) Hide your chocolate and carbs...

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