How To Avoid The Winter Weight Gain

I get it.

Winter is cold, a touch gloomy, and a lot of cozy. But come time when the warm weather hits ( Its soon everyone!) , many people realize that they let themselves go over winter, and are now the proud owners of some winter weight gain, and shrieks of despair are heard as past bikini’s and dresses no longer glide over as they once did.

What if I were to tell you that this didn’t have to be the case? Follow my 5 steps and it won't be. I promise.

Side note - Your just as worthy of looking after yourself in winter as you are summer, fact.

Step 1: keep your goals where you can see them. Staying motivated is half the battle. If you’re reminded about your goals on a consistent basis it’s going to keep you focused.

Step 2: Recognize that your health and wellbeing is a LIFE TIME commitment. Yep you heard me. That means that it’s not something that you play with occasionally when you want to fit into a dress or get a bikini body you love. Decide to nourish yourself from the inside out, as you are deserving of the best at all times.

Step 3: Change your food. Your body is probably craving warm foods, so you can heat up from the inside out. Change salads for roasted vegetables, and warming soups, and cold water for herbal teas. Just because its cold it doesn’t mean that you have to stop eating the rainbow.

Use this opportunity to batch foods too. I make 6-8 portions of veggie curries or soups at the same time and use this for busy evenings, or when the couch is looking extra comfy for some snuggles! It means I always have healthy meals at hand.

Are you ready to say yes?

Step 4: Keep moving. It might be colder outside, but buy yourself some long tights and long sleeved t-shirts and enjoy the change of the air. Personally for me, I think the sun rises in winter are even more incredible, and I love the crisp of the air as it hits my lungs, and I feel I can push harder without having to resort to a puddle of sweat. Save the hibernating indoors for the early dark nights, and cozy down with the knowledge you’ve already done your workout.

Step 5: Keep at a routine. If you’ve been exercising 4 mornings a week, stick to that routine. Just because the weather is changing it doesn’t mean your routine has to. Part of keeping a habit is repeating the habit on a consistent basis, even when you don’t feel like it. Don’t break the routine, otherwise you’ll find yourself with the resistance of building a new habit.

Whilst your here, check out my guide to sustainable weight loss, and you won't find yourself back here again - promise!

Let me know in the comments below, what's the FIRST action step you're going to take? x


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