Beachfit Booty workout

This is a workout that I wrote for my Double Bay Bootcampers. If your in the area you can come and experience the Beachfit method with a free trial here.

Modify any exercises that you need too, rest when you need too, and take your time to ensure perfect technique is maintained, and perform a warm up before you start and cool down post workout.

Each round is 5 mins - complete as many repetitions as possible. In between each round complete 1 minute shuttle runs.

Round One:

10x 1 Legged Burpees (5 each side)

20 x V sits

Round Two:

10 x Reverse lunge - Knee hop (5 each side)

20 x Squat Jumps

Round Three:

10 x Push ups (Pump out as many as you can on toes before dropping to knees!

20 bear crawls - 10 forwards/10 backwards

Round Four:

10 x Skater Lunges

10 x Walk the plank

Round Five: 

Every minute on the minute complete the following reps. Any time you have remaining before the next set is rest.

10 x Jump Lunges

8 x Push ups

6 x burpees

How did you get on? Let me know in the comments below, and if your not sure what some of the exercises are too, comment below and I might just film this workout for you x



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