Why Beachfit And Wellbeing Isn’t For Everyone

13 June 2017

At Beachfit and Wellbeing We're not for everyone. Sounds strange but we DON'T want to be right for everyone.

We want to work with women (and men) who are ready for MORE, and realise that a fad diet and exercise program won't give them the results they desire for life.

Their ready to learn, explore, play, and be held accountable to ensure they achieve their goals.

Below we've shared our top 4 reasons why we're not for everyone (You might even be included!)

(1). We cap our numbers.

Sydney Park and Double Bay are capped at 14, with Coogee capped at 14. Why? Because we want to keep people accountable, give hands on correction, know peoples goals, injuries, and capabilities AND tailor the sessions to the groups collective goals.

(2). Varied workouts.

We plan out our whole weeks at a time. Each session complements each other and balances out the bodies different needs. Every session, every week is different and progressive.

Unlike some popular group fitness programs we don't believe in keeping the same workout for months at a time.

(3). We're outside.

This means beautiful sunrises, regular vitamin d top-ups and a uncontrolled environment which means different training challenges.

(4). We believe in education.

We have one program offering and that is our signature 8 Week Beachfit and Wellbeing program.  We want to help women and mean cut through all the fluff, ditch the diets and know how to nourish and move their minds and bodies once and for all, and have the tools to reconnect with themselves.

Want to find out more about what we stand for? Read our manifesto here.

Does this sound like you? We're opening our doors to our FIRST winter challenge in the coming weeks. Its our signature program with a twist - if you stay committed over winter you will receive 4 weeks FREE membership!

Make sure your on the list to receive first invitation by signing up on the right, and as a bonus you'll also receive a FREE 27 Page Beachfit and Wellbeing Guide.

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