Beachfit Beach Workout

Summer is coming everyone! Well for us in Australia.. Its a great time of the year to take your workout outside - before it gets too hot!

Have you done soft sand running before? Heres a Beachfit Beach Workout, that I love doing down in Bondi.

It’s incredible for developing your fitness and getting an awesome workout, its also not as high impact as hitting the pavement.

Here’s a little workout I have been doing before jumping in the sea for a refreshing ocean swim

Sometimes I even jump in between each round if its super warm.

Warm up:

Light jog on hard sand for a few minutes.

10 Dynamic lunges – Shallow walking lunges, pushing off your back foot.

10 roll ups – slight bend in your knees, roll down through your spine, tucking the head in, before rolling back up the same way

Main Set:

500m soft sand run – Google which beach you are visiting and it will tell you the length, so you can get an idea of how far you need to travel. If your more of a time person aim for 4 minutes soft sand running.

10x Burpees

10x Push ups

20x V-sits

20x Bicycles

30x Squat

30x Star jumps

Repeat 3 x


Focus on stretching our your hamstring, calves, chest and quads. Try and hold each stretch for 30 seconds or more before switching sides.

Let me know if you tried it, and how you got on x

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