How To Develop A Bulletproof Mindset When It Comes To Commitment

9 May 2017

As a personal trainer with over 8 years of experience, the number 1 reason why I see clients not achieve their goals is down to their mindset, and letting pesky excuses.

Today I want to share with you 3 tips on developing a bulletproof mindset that will see you go the distance and not give up on your goals - whatever the weather!

Number 1 - Find your why. Read more on this here. This will supercharge your results AND commitment.

Number 2 - Staying committed. Read more on this here for a 3 step process on staying committed.

Number 3 - Realise that it's a dance. You will take steps forward, and occasionally you’ll slide backwards. Empowering yourself with the stages of change, and releasing what you need to do at each side is critical to ensure that you move forwards and keep progressing. Watch and learn the stages here.

Number 4 - Join a Team. Working with a group is a great way of being held accountable and you will be given a structured training program, less likely to injury yourself AND have more fun! Try Beachfit out for a week of unlimited sessions for only $20 here.

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