Elle little morning of life changing ideas – Part 2

Welcome back. If you missed part 1 of elles little morning of life changing ideas, head over here, catch up then come back to part 2.

Megan Dalla-Camina

Megan is a published author who helps women and men with business, career and is a creative strategist, and also if I may add a brilliant public speaker.

Firstly Meg offered this thought provoking advice. No is a complete sentence. Pretty powerful stuff. How often do you feel that you need to justify why you have said no, or back it up with a reason?

  • You have to get real and get clear. What's your life vision? Where are you now, and where do you want to be? (I love this) Sometimes i'm doing stuff and a voice will pop in my head and loudly say - this isn't a dress rehearsal, get on with the meaningful stuff!)
  • Really tune in to what you want. Try and sit in stillness for 5 minutes twice a day and learn to trust yourself.
  • What are the boundaries you can put in place to protect what you want?
  • Take time to nourish and restore yourself. What are you bringing in to your life that will make you well, happy and thriving?
  • Do you have constant moments of joy? Where are these?
  • Chase your dream. What is it? You don't need permission to go and get them.
  • celebrate the journey. how do you savour what it is your doing? What are the little things everyday you can celebrate? ( I also loved this one, as I find many of my clients achieve many goals en route to their big goal, and don't take any note of them!)

Emma Seibold from Barre Body

Emma was again a brilliant speaker, so I spent most of her talk mesmerised rather then taking notes. Opps!

What really stuck with me though was Emma talked about the placement process, which Ester hicks came up with. This involves getting a piece of paper. On one side writing down things you will do today (You must be able to realistically achieve these) on the other side of the paper things I would like the universe to do for me today. You can watch a short video on this process here.

Jacqui Lewis from The Broad Place

Again a great speaker, and what I'm even more excited to share is that you can attend talks by  Jacqui at her amazing studio in Paddington. I have been to two by the time you have read this and LOVE them. Find out more here.

Jacqui is a vedic meditation teacher ( I have done the course with Jacqui and again loved it. Will share more about my experience on the blog soon), and talked about how meditation is like exercise. Its different for everyone.

  • People often think they can't meditate as they have too many thoughts, however its impossible to stop thinking. Happiness and fulfilment comes from inside us, not outside.
  • Every single thought you have affects your body. What you think creates your nervous system.
  • Angry and resentful thoughts will create this in your body.
  • Fulfilment - without fulfilment we feel empty and try and fill ourselves up, however we already have a overflowing mind.
  • Mind nutrition is as important as body nutrition. (what we choose to find our mind through social media, newspapers, etc).
  • We need to edit the information we consume. Low grade information will make us not feel great.
  • Think and communicate in a positive manner where possible.
  • Peoples most regrets when they are on their deathbed are - I wish I had the courage to live my life how I wanted, and I wish I had allowed myself to be happier.

I hope you have enjoyed my round up of the event, I definitely had some thought provoking ideas from the event and writing this to share you.

Have you had any insights, or anything you may try and add into your routine? I'd love to hear in the comments below x


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