Elles Morning of little life changing Ideas

A few months ago, I attended Elles Morning of Little life changing ideas.

There were some fantastic speakers, and I took a copious amount of notes with the idea of sharing them with you, incase you didn't attend.

Its a little late, but late is better then never.

It was held at Luna park on a beautiful Saturday morning.

Heres what the wonderful ladies involved had to share:

Dr Paula Watkins from The Happiness Institute

In todays society we are overstimulated, attention orientated, like new shiny things, constantly compare and constant, and tend to remember negative events more then positive events.

We are now exposed to 5x more information then 1986! Crazy huh?

Heres how we can fix it:

1 - Manage technology. Set limits on usage.

2 - Shift your focus. Engage in daily practices, - gratitude diary.

3 - Meditate - Meditating strengthens the physical immune system. Its a direct path to peace, consecutiveness and love. It activates the parasympathetic nervous system (Relaxation).

4 - Focus better, be less distracted, be more in the present moment.

5 - Actively cultivate most beautiful aspects of our brain - what ever gives you love and compassion.

Shivaun Conn from discovery health coaching.

Shivaun talk was on creating health goals that stick. A great topic I thought, as I have came across so many peoples that are unfortunately goals are fleeting moments.

Heres what she had to share on the topic on creating successful goals.

  • Choose a health goal you want to change. It needs to be important to you.
  • Your goal should be connected to a bigger outcome, desire or personal values.
  • Start living it - you should feel fully yourself and energised by it.
  • Make it relevant and personally important to you.

If your not confident in absolutes to achieve your goals, how can you boost this?

  • Create positive thoughts, feelings and support.
  • Think of your barriers and create solutions to them.

Social environment.

  • Who can support you in achieving your goals? Maybes a partner or a friend also has the same goal?
  • Who can be your personal cheerleader, available when you need support?
  • Is there anyone who may negatively influence you? How will you manage with this?

Physical environment.

  • What changes do you need to make to facilitate goal? Packing your lunches and snacks the day before? Exercising in the morning if you know you won't have the energy in the afternoon?

Before you set a goal, you need to prepare. Taking time out to do so, can make a big difference.

  • Do you need to break the goal down into smaller goals? Example - instead of saying I need to get fit - what exactly does this look like?
  • How will you get fit? You could turn this around into I will exercise 3 times this week for 45 minutes.
  • Whats the first step?
  • What else am I going to do?
  • How will you remember to do these things? Whats your back up plan?
  • How will you track your weekly progress?

Take some time out and review the above questions. Its a great process to use when reevaluating your goals. Step back and replan.

Look out for part 2 of Elle morning of life changing ideas!

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