How to Structure your Exercise Routine – Freebie inside!

As you know Beachfit and wellbeing exist to refine and build your health. With this goal in mind, we are building partnerships with like-minded companies who align with our values.

One of our newer partners is Great Health Guide, a digital magazine dedicated to providing a forum FREE FROM highlighting women’s flaws and insecurities whilst RELEASING WOMEN from ‘the-perfect-body-image’.   Discussing all things health, Great Health Guide’s message is strong and clear … ‘you are more than your body!!!’

This exciting partnership has provided the opportunity to publish a number of our articles that will be featured in the launch and upcoming issues of Great Health Guide. Attached is our latest article so feel free to check it out and share the love. You can download it here

My first article is all about structuring your exercise routine so you get the most benefits!

If you would like to check out Great Health Guide there is the Full edition or a ‘Sneak Peek’ free edition available at the following links.  The magazine is available on tablet & mobile phone (Apple & Android)

I look forward to sharing more articles with you in the coming months x


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