Do you feel worthy enough of your goals?

I think I know you. Or at least have a pretty good idea.

You’re a beautiful soul, with big, big dreams. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are, you try and do the right thing most of the time  he he, and you love nothing more then spending times with your loved ones, friends and family, and the occasional travel plan doesn’t go amiss.

But you think your dreams are just dreams. Your goals stay just out of reach because you don’t think you have the time to invest in them, and if you feel really deep you believe that they are just dreams. Things that you’ll watch other people do, and dream of doing, but that’s not meant for you.

Why is this?

Deep down if you listen deeply enough, its probably because you don’t feel worthy of what you desire.

You might not feel worthy enough of having a successful career so you keep yourself small.

You don’t feel worthy of a wonderful relationship, so you settle for good enough right now.

You don’t feel worthy of that holiday you’ve been dreaming off so you don’t book it.

“We can’t hate ourselves into a version of ourselves we can love.” ~Lori Deschene

 So how can we change this?

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 1 – Recognize your own value. What are you amazing at? If your really struggling because of you what you think of yourself, ask 3 loved ones. Make it a list and keep it somewhere you can refer to when you need a bit of a boost.

2 – Stop comparing yourself. In a world of perceived perfection, its easy to compare ourselves to someone projection of there life. Have you ever been sat at home in your pjs, hair in a bun enjoying yourself until you look on Instagram and see a bunch of you friends glammed to the max, and you instantly start debating yourself?

It might be a different situation for you, personally for me its comparing my business success to others. Even though I’m at the beginning of my journey I love to compare it to those that are 5 years into theirs…

What we need to realize is, that this isn’t real life. If we all took snaps of our real life’s, and Saturday nights on the couch, Instagram and facebook would be boring!

3 – Learn to love yourself.

Sounds soppy I know, but it literally causes me pain when I recognize a lack of love of in people. To be quite honest this used to be me.

I’d run myself ragged, drink copious amounts of alcohol, eat 3 chocolate bars a day (yes there was a time) and thought a balanced meal was a heated up curry from the supermarket. Relaxing was binge watching coronation street on the couch, and I’d fritter away my money on cheap clothes.

It makes me sad to think back to those times. Now it’s a completely different picture. I rest when I need it, meditate daily to calm and nourish my mind, eat chocolate occasionally (consciously and deliberately) cook from scratch 90% of the time, and recharge in nature, and spend my money deliberately on books, and clothes I love, and fitness classes that light me up.

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