Finding Your Why (This will Supercharge Your Results!)

For someone to take action in their life there needs to be 1 or 2 reasons. 1 they are moving away from desperation. This may be a health scare, a wake-up call, or something has shocked them into action, and made them realize that they need to make changes, or secondly it can be someone moving towards inspiration. They know what they want and they are on a plan to get it.

In between that are people, who are aware they need to make change, but aren’t close enough to desperation, or to inspiration to make a defined decision and start making positive changes in their life. There’s nothing wrong in being here, but recognizing that you still need to nourish and move your body.

So if your wanting to make a change in your life, and want it to be a sustainable change you need to take inspired action and work out your why.

 How do you do this?

For example your goal could be to run a 10km fun run in 3 months in under an hour. This would be what’s called a S.M.A.R.T goal, which stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.

So theoretically it ticks all of the boxes. But what you need to be looking at is working out WHY it’s important to me to run the fun run – what are you looking to achieve, what feelings are you trying to gain?

1 – Achieve something you’ve never done before. To know you can achieve something completely new to you.

2 – Prove to yourself. You can commit, and follow through an action plan, even when the going gets tough (As it always does when your chasing something worthwhile!).

3 – Give you a purpose to train. Without having a goal, you may get sidetracked, so having something I’m continually working towards and committed to completing will help propel me forward with my training, and keeping a fire in your belly.

4 – Feel amazing about yourself, and inspired but what you did. Also to potentially inspire others to, to help them realize they can achieve their health and wellness goals.

Can you see how attaching those feelings to my SMART goal will keep you focused.

On a cold and rainy day what’s more likely to get you moving? The SMART goal or the feelings goal?

Take 10 minutes to dig out your goals, and attach feelings to them, and if they no longer feel so shiny and inspiring feel free to cross them out and develop some juicy ones instead.

You know theres, more. Let us help you find it.

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