How To Be A Goal Digger

Did you know that the 10th January is the day that most people give up on their New Year Goals?


We're here today to share with you some top tips on setting your goals, or as we like to call them intentions.

“Setting Intentions is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible”

– Tony Robbins.

Step One:

Make sure it’s something that you really want. Often intentions are set on expectations of what we believe we should have achieved by now, or milestones that we see other people have set - or sometimes jealousy.

These intentions aren’t going to fulfill us. Also, your intentions shouldn’t be something that you think you should be doing, they should be something you want.

Take some time out and really delve in. If you are open to meditation, we suggest asking yourself before your meditation: What it is that I really want? Or hitting a yoga class and doing the same. Giving space to your body to let you know what it wants is a great way to not listen to your ego (in short, not the best version of ourselves!).

For example, everyone might be quitting sugar, so you feel that you should. Not that this isn’t a good intention to have, but it may look different to you... Maybe you only want to cut out processed sugars? Or maybe you want to cut it out - apart from a fortnightly treat?

Your intentions should be individual and important to you, not what’s important to your social group or what’s in vogue.

Take some time, go for a walk, hit the yoga mat, or delve into a meditation. Essentially you just need to give yourself some space to breath and listen.

Step 2:

Visualize them. Meditation is great for this.

Alternatively, write it out. If you achieve these intentions what will life look like for you? What will it feel like? What will change for you?

One of my favorite exercises is to write out a perfect day. This entails writing out my whole day from waking to going to bed. Who I will interact with, where I will go, who will I train, and what will I eat?

Another way is to create a vision board. Grab a pin board, a stash of magazines and images and words that will help you to bring your intentions to life.

Step 3:

Prioritize them. You can’t just write them out and forget about them. You need to be reviewing them on a weekly basis. We also suggest visualizing them on a daily basis too: manifestation is a strong tool. Keep them safe too. Sometimes when you tell friends and family your intentions, they can make them feel uncomfortable or threatened and sometimes they won’t fully support you.

If this is the case and they are attaching negativity to your intentions, just say thank you for your view and change the subject. Don’t let anyone shine any doubt on your intentions.

On a weekly basis, check in and ask yourself: What steps have I taken to reach my intentions? How do I feel about my intentions? What steps do I still need to take? What actions can I do next week to take more steps towards my intentions? Can anyone assist me with my goals? If so, get in touch with them and get their assistance.

Step 4:

Take consistent action to achieve them. You need to invest in your intentions to achieve them. By investing, we don’t just mean money – we mean time, energy and resources. Sometimes, taking the first step is the hardest, but you keep having to believe in yourself and keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Remind yourself of your intentions regularly and think about your actions – are they taking you closer to your intentions or further away?

Step 5:

Celebrate the small steps. Often when we have big intentions, we don’t appreciate all of the small wins we have along the way to achieving our intention.

Each step you take closer is a massive win!

Step 6:

Be flexible. Your intentions may change, grow, or no longer be relevant and that’s OK. Take time to review, edit and re-plan. There’s no right or wrong – you may decide to achieve something by actually removing it from your list!

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