Holidays the Beachfit Way

Whats on YOUR list for 2016? Travel, Love, Adventure more you time?

Whilst planning out your 2016 travel plans, instead of planning a week on the beach somewhere, why not inject some adventure and movements into your holiday plans?

What type of holidays do you usually take? A lot of people I know like to take a week in Bali, or Thailand etc., and use the time to rest, restore and recuperate with cocktails, sunshine and the pool by there feet.

Whilst I think this time of holiday is definitely beneficial and sometimes needed have you ever thought about an action holiday?

In 2012 myself and the husband decided to undertake Tasmania’s overland track. This consists of a 65km, six-day hike through Cradle Mountain and Lake St Claire National Park, taking in breathtaking scenery and waterfalls. In addition to the 65km there is daily optional sidewalks.

Our Experience:

To say we were underprepared would be an understatement. We naively thought that we were already fit enough to do it, so didn’t undertake any proper training plan. I bought my shoes in a discount store, and we went to Anaconda and bought the shopping list that we were provided with.

You have to carry everything that your going to use for 6 days, and carry everything out of the park – camping equipment, food, clothes, baby wipes, tissue paper – no showers! We decided to ransack Coles Indians in a bag section (long-life) and protein bar isle for our food supply. As we were walking over Christmas we also decided to take a packet of chocolate as a treat, and the hubby decided to take a can of mac and cheese for Christmas dinner.

We flew into Launceston (If you visit Tasmania I wouldn’t necessarily fly into here –very quiet little town) and stayed the night. We woke up in the morning with nerves and a little excitement. We jumped on a bus, registered our walk and jumped on another bus and got dropped off at the start of the walk, just like that.

Along the six-day walk there are huts that you camp in overnight. These consist of some wooden platforms for camping (you take your camping gear, or you may be able to fit in the hut) and generally just provide some shelter from the elements. Some people have seen snow on this walk, and everyone sees beautiful views…

We soon realized that we could of packed a lot more efficiently. Most people on the walk that we encountered had dry freeze food – so much lighter then our chosen packs, and Christmas dinner was dire to be frank. Some people had packets of custard! Oh the jealousy. Some very prepared people even made risotto and had nuts mixed with rosemary and sugar, one lady even made dampener bread!

The scenery and wildlife we encountered was fantastic. Not so much the snakes which was a little of a worry, as we didn’t encounter a range for 3 days!


Everyone we encountered were friendly and we all swapped stories and on some occasions food. We also walked with a couple for 2 days, which was great.

We decided to join up 2 days so hiked for close to 12 hours. We were tired, wanted some real food, and to be honest as we were so unprepared we were often extremely cold overnight.

On the last day we woke at 4:30am to catch the ferry – there is one ferry out every day. If you miss it you stay in the last hut till the next morning we stomped through the last hours of the walk, talking about the delights we were going to taste when we arrived in Hobart, and the shower!

We reached a sign that congratulated us on finishing the overland track. We gave each other a big high five and a hug, only to be made aware of a black snake very close to us.

We went into the last hut to radio a ferry. No respond. Devastated and pretty much out of food (Again we underestimated how much we would need!)

We walked out of the hut, and came across some people that were visiting the site for the day. They exclaimed they had just got off a ferry that was a few minutes walk away.

I’m not sure they have ever seen 2 people who have just finished a 5-day hike, run so fast! We sprinted to the ferry, and made it when the driver exclaimed he wasn’t moving for at least an hour, so we collapsed in a happy pile.

When we crossed the lake, we went to call the bus company we had booked with and left our luggage to advise we would be jumping on one a day early, to be told they only visited on certain days and today wasn't a day they would be coming. We enquired with the lodge that they had which was fully booked. Things weren’t looking too good so far.

2 Americans then approached us, and advised they had overheard our pleas and were heading to Hobart and we could jump in!

In we jumped and on to Hobart we went, thankfully.

What we learned:

Whilst we both thoroughly enjoyed the experience, being back in nature and being stripped to our essentials we both agreed that 3 days would be our limit for the next time, and definitely learnt some lessons for next time!

If you are interested in doing the walk you can get more information here:

There’s so many options out there, your only limited by your imagination. Even if you don’t want to commit to a full action holiday, joining in on kayaking, bike tours or day hikes is a great option or even trying your hand at something completely new – surf lesson in Bali, bike the bridge in San Francisco?

There’s active opportunities wherever you look, you just need to join in.

And if you want to get ready for your active holiday come and and join us for functional fitness sessions that will have you fit for anything. Check out more info here.

Have you done any active holidays you would recommend? x

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