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How to achieve your goals

I love this time of the year, everyone is excited, full of energy and hopefully refreshed after a Christmas break, and from where I’m typing this enjoying sunny nights and lots of surfing and swims.

I've left this post until a bit later in January as I find some people have already abandoned their goals, so I'm hoping this reignites them or you if your one of them!

Most people have either started their fitness goals with gusto, or are waiting till February when the kids go back to school to really get fired up.

 Unfortunately research suggests that only 8% of people will achieve their new years goals.

Why is this, and how can you ensure your one of the 8%? (Hint theres a special bonus for you in this post too, to ach

1 – Keep it simple.

To often we use new years goals to set huge unattainable goals that we just won’t achieve. Instead keep it nice and small.

Instead of stating your going to run a marathon, but haven’t ran for 5 years, set a goal of I’m going to start running for 15 minutes 3x a week.

 2 – Make it meaningful.

What does this goal mean to you? How will it make you feel when you achieve it?

Were now constantly plagued by marketing messages, bikini photos and dieting messages more then ever. It can be confusing to separate your goals from the mass media.

 3 – Is it measurable?

How will you know if you achieve your goal? If your goal is to feel amazing, how will you measure this?

Too often we set a goal, and don’t review it. If you set a goal and check in with it every week or so, you can review where you are and reset where needed.

Heres my guide to testing your fitness.

4 – Break it down.

 Instead of only setting goals every year, set yourself mini goals. Being focused for a shorter amount of time will do amazing things for your willpower.

I personally set goals for 3 months. I have a goal for where I want to be by the end of the year then work backwards from here, and break it down into a list of action steps.

 5 – Schedule in in.

 If your goal is to work out 5 times a week, how will you make this happen consistently?

By booking in in your calendar. If your goal is to make more time for yourself, again book this into your calendar.

Were more then happy to book in appointments with our people, work commitments, but when it comes to making a commitment with yourself this is the first to go.

6 – Believe in yourself.

Setting a goal, does increase your chances of achieving it, but if you set out with the though of your not capable of achieving it, then I’m afraid your most likely not going to be one of the 8%.

Write down your goals, commit to your action steps and keep yourself accountable. You may slip off track, and that’s ok, be kind to yourself, and get back on track straight away.

If you need someone to help keep you accountable with your fitness or wellbeing goals, join the Beachfit community and receive your free ebook here.

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I’d love to hear your thoughts? x


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