How to get a Beachfit Body – free ebook.

I've been working on something pretty special for you behind the scenes. A free 29 page ebook  about living a Beachfit lifestyle.

Over the next few weeks, whilst it finishes getting perfect for you, i'm going to be sharing excerpts from it, to give you a idea on what your in for. To make sure you receive your opt in, you must be on my VIP list. You can sign up now to make your you get your free ebook at the side pop in your name and email address and make yourself a priority.

Excerpt from Chapter Two  - The Beachfit lifestyle Guide...

What you use to nourish yourself fuels your body, and rebuilds your body, so if you only do one thing for yourself change your diet. Second, let’s move your body.

Once you have changed your diet, you should be starting to feel pretty fantastic, after maybe a few detox symptoms – it all depends on how well you have been treating yourself previously to how you will feel now.

When you are fueling your body efficiently, you should have energy to move your body. Now it’s time to experiment and find activities that you enjoy doing. Exercise isn’t a punishment - it’s part of of self-care.

Before we delve any further, I can’t stress this enough. You need to listen to your body, and move it accordingly.

I can say to get the perfect BeachFit body you need to complete 5x cardio sessions, 3x weights sessions, and
1 – 2 stretching, yoga type sessions. This may work for some people and you may be one of them, but it won’t work for others.

I will say this though – to achieve a goal you have never had, you need to do what you haven’t done before to achieve it. This means digging deep, and pushing yourself – especially when the going gets tough.

If you wake up tired and exhausted and you have a 6am bootcamp session planned, you might be better off getting some more sleep. and moving later on in the day.

If this is happening repeatedly though you need to look at your lifestyle –or re-evaluate when is best for you to work out.

Some people will thrive working out in the morning, others more so in the evening. You’re not going to be able to get up at 5:30am if you stay up the night before binge-watching Game of Thrones or whatever the cool kids are watching now...

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