How to stay healthy when travelling

Over Christmas we spent 5 weeks in America and England – it was amazing, but this trip I also made sure that we prioritised our health and wellbeing. Here’s some top tips to help you when you’re on your next journey to help you stay healthy when travelling

Before you go:

  • Prep some healthy snack for the plane. If you want extra marks you can prep your own meals for the plane. Personally this isn’t something I do, but I like to take healthy snacks, and tend to stick to the veggie option on the plane.
  • Snacks such as: Rice cakes with nut butter, dates, Raw chocolate and nuts and seeds are great options.
  • Take an empty water bottle with you. Fill this up once you get passed security and don’t be afraid to ask for it to be filled on the plane or ask for somewhere you can refill yourself. Hydration is so important, especially when flying. It will also make you feel a lot better once you land!
  • On that note take some herbal tea’s with you. You can ask for hot water on the plane, and they are beautifully calming. Peppermint is great for digestion and chamomile is great for relaxing.
  • Try and avoid alcohol on the plane. It can be tempting to start your holiday with some drinks, but this is just going to dehydrate you further and will make you feel more groggy when you land!
  • Do some research. Find some healthy restaurants before you go, there’s nothing wrong in indulging when your there, but you need to balance it with your usual healthy meals. Its so easy to do some research before you go and have some great options of the top of your head.
  • Do some more research – search out a gym or yoga studio that is close to your accommodation. Make a commitment to do x amount of sessions whilst your away, as you usually would. Its also a great opportunity to try something new that you maybes wouldn’t do at home, or don’t have the opportunity to do when at home.
  • If you find that your tired when you get home and reaching for the local take away menu after you land, why not prepare a healthy meal and freeze for you to enjoy when you get home? Much healthier and enjoyable.
  • Organise a veggie box to be delivered when you return. There so many companies that will deliver a box of fresh, seasonal, and organic food to your doorstep. No excuses for take away when you land!

Whilst you're there:

  • Check out the local farmers markets for some great local produce and fruit or veggie sticks is a great snack option when your out and about. If you have access to a kitchen, plan some healthy meals, hopefully you may have more time to experiment and cook some of those meals you’ve pin interest! its’ also a great place to meet people and pick up some great tips on where to visit.
  • Get active in your daily activities. Exercise doesn’t have to limited to a gym - hire some bikes, find the local walking tracks make it fun!
  • Try some meditation. One of the biggest barriers to meditation for people is lack of time. A holiday is a great opportunity to try out meditation, and hopefully once you’ve experienced it and the benefits you’ll find some time to carve it out once you get home.
  • Enjoy yourself! Holidays are a great opportunity to relax, read that book you’ve been meaning to and too indulge in some self care. Get a massage your nails done, whatever is going to make you happy.

When you get home:

  • You should be rested, relaxed, and had a great time. If you have used the opportunity to get into a routine with your exercise, meditation or healthy food, keep it going! Now’s not the time to give up.
  • Hopefully enjoy that meal you have pre frozen before your departure. It not grab some fish/ meat and keep it simple, fast and healthy with some steamed greens.

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  1. Zoe (Madam ZoZo)

    I love the idea of pre-preparing a meal and freezing it before you leave. I am always so concerned with running down the fresh food that I hadn’t thought that far in advance.

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