How to test your fitness

How do you measure if your making progress with your fitness routine?

Do you keep a detailed record of what your doing, lifting and effort levels?

Probably not, unless your training for a bikini comp.

So how do you track what you are doing is working? Most likely you use the scales, but your missing out on celebrating your progress if this is the only thing that your doing.

Today i'm going to give you some simple fitness tests that you can do anywhere, anytime!

Do these tests after you have performed a warm up, and make sure you modify any exercises as required. Whats important is that you replicate it, so make any modifications needed, and make note of them.


As fast as you can complete.

1 Burpee - Run 50m
2 Burpee - Run 50m

And repeat until you reach 10 burpees.

Record your time.

Upper Body Strength:

Test how many push ups you can do in one go without stopping. Keep your chest in between your hands - no resting! Knees is totally fine here.

Lower Body Strength:

Find a solid wall, and drop into a squat. Make sure your knees aren't over your toes, and your weight is in your heels. Your head, shoulders and hips should be connected with the wall. Hold for as long as you can with excellent form.

Core Endurance:

Hold a front plank position, ensuring your shoulders are inline with your elbows. You can do this either on your knees or toes. Ensure your tummy button is gently drawn in towards your spine. The back of your head, heads, and knees or toes should all be in line. Hold for as long as you can whilst keeping perfect form.

Record all of your results and think about what improvements you would like to make. I would recommend testing every 6 - 8 weeks.

Let me know in the comments how you go with your results.

Remember - its action that gets results. Knowledge without action is useless.


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