Is the Paleo diet for you?

A few weeks ago, I attended the paleo way event in Bondi with Pete Evans and Luke Hines.

I've previously dabbled in paleo, and have an interest in anything nutritional so decided to attend the event.

Here's my round up of the event. Before we go any further I don't personally follow a paleo diet, I understand the benefits of it, and why others would choose too, but I believe we are all individual so what works for one person won't work for another.

I cover eating for a healthy lifestyle in my 8 week training programs if you need some guidance, and want to learn how to fuel your body correctly!

The Paleo diet focuses on nourishing your body with real foods. Lots of fruit, vegetables, well sourced meat, nuts (activated of course), seeds seafood, and that's pretty much it.

The paleo diet has come about as eating how our ancestors ate, what their food supply was thousands of years ago. They didn't have access to fast food, such as mcdonald's, sugar laden muesli bars, and deep fried potatoes.

Whats in on a paleo diet?

Well sourced meat - A lot of people believe that people following the paleo diet eat too much meat. Pete was very quick to address this - he recommends a palmful and thickness size of meat in your meals.


Nuts and seeds

Fruits and vegetables

Coconut cream, coconut oil, olive oils etc

Pete also advocates having a cup of bone broth a day to help with your gut bacteria.

Fermented foods - sauerkraut, kombucha, dairy free kefir ( Again great for gut health)

Whats out on a paleo diet?




Benefits of eating a Paleo Diet

You eat plenty of good fats - from fruits, olives, nuts, seeds, and animal fats. This is great for brain health (our brains are 60-70% made from fat)

Plenty of variety - less chance of getting food intolerances.

Some of people find that when they top eating grains, inflammation in their bodies decreases - inflammation is contributed to being a cause of some illnesses.

Some people lose weight, and find they have more energy, they feel better, food cravings have disappeared.

The Paleo diet also focuses on eating nose to tail - this reduces food waste.

My view:

I think the paleo diet definitely has some strong benefits, and will be great for some people. I have followed the paleo diet previously and found any excess weight dropped off me, my eyes were bright and shiny, and I felt well. I love the fact as well that it is based on eating REAL FOOD. No gimmicks, no man made foods, just real food from the ground.

I personally don't enjoy red meat, and find that I don't eat a lot of poultry. I generally minimise dairy in my diet as I find it affects my skin, and limit sugars in my diet. I do however enjoy some grains. I eat quinoa and brown or wild rice pretty regularly, as I find otherwise I just don't have enough energy.

Again everyone is an individual. I am yet to meet anyone who can convince me that processed sugar is a healthy part of their diet, but other then that I think people need to track their diets and work out what makes you feel great and nourishes you. I

If you are interested in learning more about the Paleo Diet, Pete and Luke have some great cookbooks and also offers a 10 week Paleo way course to teach you how to cook, minimise waste and eat effectively here, and if your interested in learning more about my take on "diets" make sure you sign up on the right to receive your free Beachfit Method ebook!

Are you Paleo, or have you tried it before, or would consider trying it? I love hearing from you, so please make sure you leave your thoughts and any questions below.

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