Its time to stop eating your feelings

Its time to stop eating your feelings. You know what i'm talking about otherwise you wouldn't be here, let me show you a better way...

Are you an emotional eater?

My feelings are occasionally reflected on my plate. People say but you’re a personal trainer, it should be easy!

Yes I’m a personal trainer and know exactly what I should be putting in my body and when, but it doesn’t seem my body has fully latched on to that idea.

Although I’m a personal trainer, I’m still a human being. I have days where all I want to do is eat Ice cream and lie on my couch, and yes this does occasional happen, which is always followed up by my personal trainer ego telling me that I shouldn’t of done that, I’m a failure, I’m fat etc.

Not much fun at all and this process is exhausting! If you’re a female I’m sure you can resonate with this, and bet some guys can too.

When did eating become such a minefield? When did feeding our bodies become such a complex issue?

We need to remember that food is fuel. Food is what has been put on this earth to give us the fuel that we need to get us through our daily actions and movement.

Today we often link food to celebrations (birthday cake anyone?), when we are sad (pass the ice cream!) and generally anything that is out of the ordinary.

Don’t get me wrong, I love food! I appreciate it so much, we just need to take a step back and address our feelings before we swamp them in sugar and ignore them. Here are some tips:

-       Really ask yourself why you want that sugary snack or bag of chips, is it to make you feel better? First address your feelings – work through those before you indulge.

-       Distract yourself. Take yourself for a walk, or something else that you enjoy.

-       Visualize your goals. Is that packet of chips going to help you achieve your goals, or take you a further step back?

And if you do end up indulging, make sure its something of good quality that you’re really going to appreciate and enjoy. No wolfing it down!

If possible make sure that you eat it outside of the house, so there’s not more for you to go back and nibble at, and get back on track afterwards.

Accept you’ve fallen off the bandwagon, but get back on track as soon as you finished it.

If you want support, and a community to share your wellbeing journey with join the beachfit tribe?

Have you got any extra tips which may help others out? Please share them below if you do I’d love to hear them x

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