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Over the past 7 years I have worked with hundreds of women, to help them regain their body confidence, reprioritise their health and fitness, quit the diets, and emotional eating, and excel in their health and wellbeing,

I have shared the blueprint for their success in my FREE 27 Page fitness and wellbeing ebook, with these steps you can also start to work towards the results you desire.

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Tanya is a wonderful personal trainer. She knows how far and hard to push you, but she also brings a holistic approach to training. She's friendly, answers questions and provides great advice on diet. I highly recommend her services.

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Author: Tanya Doherty, Beachfit and Wellbeing

I want you to get the results you desire, so I'm sharing with you the 8 Steps to wellness I use with my personal training clients.

It's taken me 7 years of training clients to refine this process, and so far I've used it to transform over 30 women's life's for the better!