3 mini daily things to be kind to your body

3 Mini detox tips you can use everyday

I'm not a big fan of the word detox, and there's a lot more to it then appears, and a proper detox should be done in conjunction with an integrative doctor, naturopath or nutritionist depending on your goals and circumstances, so today I want to share with you 3 Mini detox tips you can use everyday.

However there are things you can do on a daily basis to support your body, or when you feel you need a kick start after a celebratory period.

Mini detox option 1:

Ditch the caffeine / or cut down on it. Ok don't close the computer. Caffeine is a stimulant drug that acts on the brain and nervous system, and people can become easily dependant on it.

Have you ever gone a day without a cup of coffee and developed a headache?

Depending on much caffeine you consume is going to depend on the severity of your caffeine withdrawal. That's not because you needed the caffeine, however its because your body has became dependant on the boost it provides.

Some studies show that you can actually build up a tolerance to caffeine and after a few weeks you won't actually get the boost if provides you with.

Mini detox option 2:

Ditch/cut down on sugar. I know your probably not having too many warming feelings towards me right now, but I promise all of these tips are for your own good.

Sugar has been shown to be 8x as addictive to cocaine. Scary stuff. Whats even scarier is that sugar is in most processed foods, if not all. Those 'healthy' cereal bars you have when your on the run? Full of sugar. The yummy flavoured yoghurt you have with fruit for a snack in the afternoon? Full of sugar.

When trying to cut down on sugar, the easiest and healthiest way to do this is to cut out processed foods. When you go food shopping stick to the supermarket perimeter for most of your shopping, and don't buy anything with ingredients in that you can't identify.

If you want to learn more about why you should quit sugar, check out my previous post here.

Mini detox option 3:

This is a easier one, but the effects of 1 and 2 will be MUCH bigger. Instead of starting your morning with a cup of coffee, make a cup of hot water and squeeze some fresh lemon juice in, and a dash of apple cider vinegar, some ginger goes in here well too. Your liver will thank you for it.

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What's the first tip your going to action? let me know in the comments below.



  1. Karen Humphries

    Tanya, this is a wonderful post, I love it. I didn’t realise that you could put ASV in with the other contents of the drink. I am so going to do this. Such a lovely warming drink to make my body all warm and fuzzy and give it a great start to the day!

    As always your insight into your well-being is so nourishing.

    Sending your lots of colourful vibes


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