My Transformation Story

7 August 2017

I've also recorded this for you - so if you prefer to listen please scroll to the bottom. This is one of my most important posts I've share so I felt it important to give you options.

When I look back at the last 8 years of my life, I can’t believe the journey I’ve made.

8 years ago I was a personal trainer working on a beef farm in Victoria, living on white bread, candy, eggs, and drinking cheap booze. (I don’t eat beef, and we weren’t paid for our work, so I had to take what I was given, and health wasn’t my priority… yet!).

Fast forward 8 years and I’m a wellness advocate, I don’t drink, I don’t eat white bread, I wish I could say I don’t eat candy, but damn I love a twix occasionally…. I meditate, read personal development books, and love cooking from scratch, nourishing my body and moving from a place of love.

It wasn’t easy and it didn’t happen overnight. It took a wakeup call for my journey to start.

I suffer from an autoimmune disease, which consumed my life. Its called chronic idiopathic urticarial and affects about 2% of the population.

Unfortunately no-one knows what causes it, and I suffered from it for 6 months at a time. My whole body would be covered in huge itchy hives, and I was in and out of hospital as my eyes would swell shut and my lips would also swell.

This was my forth bout of it in 4 years and quite frankly I had had enough.

The final line for me was when it started again on my wedding night and completely ruined our honeymoon (I spent 2 weeks in Thailand crying and desperately trying to find steroids.)

Around this time my husband and me had decided it was time to start trying for a family, and I was diagnosed with PCOS, and told if we weren’t pregnant in 2 years to go back to the doctors.

So I decided to take things into my own hands and discovered Jessica Ainscough and Melissa Ambrosini.

I emptied my cupboards of processed food, and filled them up with super foods, and started being kinder to my body and not flogging myself at the gym, and started to meditate.

This is normally the point where my rags turned to riches, and I was instantly cured and pregnant, but sorry no miracle story here.

Instead it started a looooooong journey into where I dived deeper into my underlying beliefs surrounding myself, and the education and movement I assigned my clients.

My autoimmune disease ebbed away after around 5 months, and I’m pleased to say it hasn’t made its return in 5 years, so I’m obviously doing something right (touch wood).

This all eventually acclimated into the Beachfit and Wellbeing Program. It was literally 6 years in the making of refining information, cutting through the fluff, and making it relevant to women with little time on their hands.

Now I live my life by 8 Principles and it’s exactly what I educate my clients on:

1 – Nourishing the body. Filling my body with mostly unprocessed unrefined foods. I say mostly because I’m still human

2 – Moving my body with love. Listening to my body and tuning in to what it needs. This means being flexible with my routine and how much I push myself.

3 – Sleep. Prioritizing 8 hours of sleep a night, and making my bedroom a conductive space for restful sleep and utilizing aeroplane mode on my phone…

4 – Meditation. Having a semi - regular meditation practice has helped me to minimize stress, and cultivate mindfulness in other areas of my life.

5 – Gratitude and journaling. Having a regular gratitude practice is the fastest way to changing your perspective.

6 – Stress Management. Stress is unavoidable but we can choose how we respond to it, and having a few tools in your back pocket for when it strikes is empowering.

7 – Reducing the chemical load I expose my body too. For me this means choosing natural toiletries and cleaning products in my home.

8 – Being flexible with myself. I understand life ebbs and flows and forgive myself if I don’t stick to any of the above!

I still don’t have all of the answers and I don’t pretend too. I believe it’s all a experiment and what works for me won’t nessacarily work for you.

If my story inspired you to commit to a big lifestyle change, too — so that you can be completely energized and present for the people and projects that matter to you — that is amazing!

I’d love to support you in making the changes you need to make. My signature program could be the perfect kickstart! Get it here...

Prefer the audio version? Perfect, its here too:

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