Natural Beauty

So you detox your body, or at least think about it?

But have you thought past what you put into your body, and what you put onto your skin, and use in your home?

For the past 4 years since being diagnosed with PCOS, I have made an effort to reduce chemicals and nasty products in my home and skincare, and my awareness of the complications over the past few years has only increased.

This is something that is super close to my heart as the amount of diseases, fertility problems etc, women and men face is on the increase.

I'm definitely not saying that chemicals have caused this, but we have a responsibility to ourselves to educate and react accordingly.

This is one of the topics we cover off in my 8 week Beachfit program (You can find out more here), as it's something I think we all need to take responsibility for, and it's just important as how we move and feed our bodies.

Did you know your skin absorbs 70-80% of what you put onto it?

Natural Beauty has came along way from when you had to order your products from a catalouge, I promise.

Recent research has shown that on average women expose themselves up to 515 chemicals a day through their skincare routine. Pretty scary stuff.

Your body works hard to cleanse itself from toxins such as pollution, junk food, and chemicals from medications and a lot more. It’s a tough job on the liver, and there’s a lot we can to do support it.

You can help to lighten the load through diet, exercise and finally what products you use in your home and on your skin.

In this regard I mean your cleaning products and personal hygiene products.

Firstly I don’t want you to waste anything items that you already have, but what we can do is replace your products with natural cleaner products as and when they run out.

Cleaning Products:

A lot of the cleaning products you find on the shelf at the supermarket are laden with chemicals. Chemicals that you breathe in as you spray the items, and long after as they continue to release chemicals into the air.

Here’s an excellent resource online to see what chemicals may be in your cleaning products and what the effects are:

Luckily for us there’s lots of natural ways to clean your home without impacting your health, with everyday items.

 Vinegar and baking soda – White vinegar is a great staple to have at home for your cleaning use. Its multipurpose – you can use it on windows, toilets, sinks and so forth. It will cut through grease, and kill some of the mould, bacteria and yeast. I would suggest adding some to an empty spray bottle and add a few drops of essential oils to cut through the smell, and there you have a wonderful safe multi purpose cleaner. Add some baking soda, and you have a mild abrasive and disinfectant. Think white vinegar and baking soda to tackle your sinks, shower, and toilet.

Castile Soap – this has so many purposes, everyone needs some in their house. It can be used as body wash; hand wash and laundry liquids are just to name a few! Easily found in most health shops. I use Dr Bronners brand. You can either buy it as a soap or liquid. It’s like magic. I personally use the liquid as I find it much easier to use.

And if you don’t have time or don’t want to DIY here, here are some alternative brands:

Eco Store – Easily found in most supermarkets and I believe reasonable priced. They sell a huge range of cleaning products.

Earth ChoiceVery reasonably priced and again easy to find.

Personal Care products:

How many products do you use before you leave the house in a morning? It’s estimated that women on average use 10 different products a day and expose themselves to over 200 chemicals. How many of them sit on your skin and absorb the chemicals that are in your skincare? Most of them I bet.

One of my biggest bugbears is for you women – sanitary care products. Have you ever thought about what your putting into your body? Cotton is one of the most chemically sprayed materials, and your body absorbs these chemicals. Not what you want, especially so close to your reproductive organs.

The only sanitary products I will use are Tom Organics. You can now get them from Woolworths which is fantastic, and so convieant for most people. They have just recently started a subscription service too.


Make up:

Natural make up has evolved greatly over the past few years. Initially seen as not being comparable to the big brands out there, and having limited range it has evolved hugely.

There are some great websites offering a huge range of brands including skincare, hair care and so much more. Here are some I would recommend:

Flora Organica

Hippie Luxe

The Organic Project

In November I also attended a workshop by Emmily Banks, and it was incredible! Emmily delved into her favourite products, reasons why you should make the switch and gave a makeup lesson too. Emmily holds events in Sydney regularly I would recommend hopping over to her site and signing up for the next one asap.

For more tips and my favourite natural beauty products and home products make sure you've downloaded your free beachfit ebook - you can grab your copy here if you haven't done so yet.

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