New Workout Ideas for 2017

7 February 2017

Working out should be fun and something you look forward to during your day – NOT something you should dread doing. It's all about flipping your perspective and seeing it as an opportunity to give back to yourself.

Today I wanted to share some fun idea’s with you on different workouts you could try. I’d also like to challenge you to try 1 NEW thing every month. Just 1, but who knows what you’ll discover…

I’d also like to challenge you to try 1 NEW thing every month. Just 1, but who knows what you’ll discover… 

1 – Swimming. Most adults haven’t swam since they were a child. Sure you might go for regular dips, but have you actually tried to swim consistently for a set distance?

It's hard work, and a great workout that is kind on your joints, but will still get your heart and lungs pumping. Bonus points for jumping in an ocean pool – exercise, grounding and connecting with mother nature in one? I’m in.

2 - Hiking. Most areas have an abundance of gorgeous national parks, or hiking paths, I know in Australia we’re incredibly lucky.

Find a new path you haven’t done before, pack a picnic and get the whole family involved. If your in Sydney, one of my favorites is the figure of 8 pools in the Royal National Park – the hike back up with certainly have you feeling connected to your thighs!

3 – Cycling. Hire a bike if you don’t own one, and find a cycle path. Again this is something you can do with the family of or friends and make a day of it. Pack a picnic (Healthy of course, we don’t want to undo all of your hard work!) plenty of water and have fun.

4 – Pilates/Yoga. If your usually an HIIT/Bootcamp kind of gal, try the complete opposite and try a Pilates or yoga class with an open mind. Incorporating both high-intensity and low-intensity classes in your routine is the key to a sustainable consistent injury free routine.

5 – Bootcamp/HIIT. On the other hand if you love rolling out your yoga mat, try adding a HIIT or Bootcamp session to your routine, to balance your routine and get your heart and lungs soaring.

 6 – Surfing/Paddle boarding. On a beautiful day there’s no better feeling then diving into the crisp cool water with a board. I love both, but if you don’t like waves paddle boarding is for you – you can even stay dry depending on your balance…

Try something different in 2017, and commit to having fun in your exercise routine, I promise it will make it more enjoyable, sustainable and healthy.

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