Your Official Guide To Staying Fit This Winter

Every winter our group size half’s and people chose the doona over movement

(we have my moments too, but still like to move consistently)

In preparation for winter we wanted to set you up with the Official Beachfit Guide to staying fit this winter.

1 – It’s going to be cold.

This seems to surprise me/us every year. Get yourself some new layers if need be, but get ready with a winter workout wardrobe – any excuse for a clothes shop!

We're talking:

  • Long tights.
  • Thin layers because everyone is in t shirts after 10 mins. Long sleeve tops are ideal!
  • Lightweight scarf
  • Gloves with grip (we know some clients who use gardening gloves!)

Being prepared makes all of the difference, if you don’t have the right gear it will be the perfect excuse for you.

2 – Lock in your your routine.

Lock in your training sessions and make them none negotiable. Know if you will need extra accountability opposed to trying to motivate yourself and sign yourself up for a personal trainer, or small group training program.

3 – Set yourself some new goals. (We’ve even made it easier for you with our free intention setting guide that you can download below).

Set aside some time and dive deep into what you want to achieve over the next few months and pop it somewhere where you can see it when your alarm clock goes off.

4 - Change your food.

Your body is probably craving warm foods, so you can heat up from the inside out. Change salads for roasted vegetables, and warming soups, and cold water for herbal teas. Just because its cold it doesn’t mean that you have to stop eating the rainbow.

Use this opportunity to batch foods too. We make 6-8 portions of veggie curries or soups at the same time and use this for busy evenings, or when the couch is looking extra comfy for some snuggles! It means we always have healthy meals at hand.

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