The Secret To Creating Long Lasting Habits

How many times have you promised yourself that as soon as Monday starts your diet will start. 5, 7, 15 times? I'm betting its in the double digits...

5, 7, 15 times? I'm betting its in the double digits...and again I'd bet that it most probably didn't make it past Friday. But that's ok, as on Saturday you promised yourself it would start again on Monday, and so the cycle goes on...

Why does this happen repeatedly? Because your trying to create change by willpower alone.

Willpower is like a muscle. Once its used up its empty. Na-da, none left for you to use. So what happens? You go back to your old ways, and start again by flexing the will power muscle.

You can stop this destructive cycle, AND achieve long lasting results with a few tweaks.

First WHY:

Why are you creating this change? What will it mean to you? Your loved ones? Why are the benefits outweighing the sacrifices? The benefits of your change MUST outweigh the benefits of your habit your going to change. If they don't you will certainly not create a long lasting positive habit.

Example: You really want to lose 5kgs so you can rock your swimsuit this summer. This is a very general reason, and is most likely not going to create a bigger benefit then the immediate dopamine hit of a twix (insert your poison here).

Instead you need to drill it down... I want to lose 5kg, as this will mean I feel happy, I'm healthier, I'll feel more comfortable in my swimsuit, which will mean I'm able to be less self-conscious and I'll be able to enjoy the beach freely with my partner and our son, and be able to be present and enjoy the moment rather then we wondering how my tummy feels.

See how much rocking that statement is? Attach your goal to a positive outcome, and watch it move oh so closer.

Second - HOW:

So we've drilled down the why, now we need to get the how in line with the why. So you've decided to quit sugar. This means to prevent caving into temptation you need to clear the house of anything that contains sugar and prepare yourself lots of snacks, and generally be prepared with your meals.

This is going to help you be a lot more successful then if you hide the Twix's for just in case you never know what will happen, and find yourself hungry in a supermarket. (We've all been there, suddenly were devouring aisle number 4 despite just popping in for some cheese).

Get the Exact 8 steps I use with every client to create long term change and habits.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

Three -  COMMIT:

Have you heard the story about Steve Jobs Wearing the same outfit everyday? Steve was committed to his chosen uniform of a black mock turtleneck, blue jeans and New Balance sneakers.

Why? Because he understand as humans we only have a certain amount of capacity a day for making decisions. So he and other leaders streamline some of their daily choices to keep capacity for making the bigger decisions that come throughout the day.

So how does this apply to you building habits? You can make the habit that for 3 days a week to go to the gym at 6am. No questions asked. No matter how badly you sleep, how bad the weather is, that is what you do on those 3 day at that exact time no questions asked.

Take away the opportunity to choose, and watch your habits become an integral part of your daily life.

Let m know in the comments below - what 1 thing are you going to take the choice away from? Is it a food item you can't control yourself around? The option of wether you work out every day? Let me know I'd love to hear your insights x

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