My Secrets To A Healthy, Fulfilling Exercise Routine During Pregnancy

27 March 2018

Today I wanted to share with you my journey so far of fitness during pregnancy. I’ve done a lot of research, and experimenting and feel that there isn’t enough offerings for pregnant women (Watch this space if your in Sydney and planning on conceiving soon!).

For the first 12 weeks I didn’t do much of anything, apart from vomiting, eating bagels with cream cheese and chocolate. Oh I also did a lot of walking and yoga.

This was because I was terrified of miscarrying (I’ve had 2 previously). So I wanted to share my experience with you, and hopefully give you the confidence to inject exercise back into your routine if you’ve lost it.

This is what I’ve learnt from chatting to professionals, pregnant people, mums and of course the internet.

If you’ve been exercising before you conceived and your doctor has gave you clearance to do so you can continue training keeping in mind to not overheat or get your heart rate over 140bpm.

You might also decide to do lighter weights but increase the repetitions. If there’s no reason for you to stop training, please continue to do so – it’s going to be a lot easier then trying to start moving again after a few months off (Trust me)

As soon as I hit 12 weeks I’ve been starting to move more.

For me this has looked like:

  • Soft sand runs twice a week,
  • Daily walks of around 90 minutes – my podcast feed has never been clearer.
  • Weights twice a week – for me this has been a mixture of free weights, bodyweight and machines, I've and have been doing lives over on facebook so make sure you follow Beachfit and wellbeing to see my workouts.
  • Weekly pre natal yoga.

Alongside that I’m also padding for my boxing clients and lifting weights in my sessions.

My top tips are:

  • Listen to your body (and know the difference from needing genuine rest and being lazy – I got a bit confused here at times!).
  • Get clearance/guidance from your doctor before continuing a routine or starting a new routine.
  • Keep movement a regular part of my routine. Staying fit and healthy during your pregnancy will help you recover from birth.
  • Get guidance. If your not sure or need help don’t be scared to ask for it.
  • There’s plenty of professionals who are able and willing to keep you fit, well and safe during your exercise.
  • Be aware of overheating and of your heartbeat – aim for steady continuous training opposed to high intensity interval training.
  • Avoid crunches or twisting movements.

Finally do you know how to nourish your body and exercise intuitively?

To discover how, why not sign up to get your free copy of the Beachfit Guide - I'd love to help you create more freedom and confidence in your body and I created this eBook to help you do just that.

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