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Sure – you could keep on feeling less than awesome.

You could continue feeling sluggish in the mornings, racing to the coffee machine, and then pumping yourself up on sugar to get through the day.

And you could keep on feeling disconnected from your body – heavy, stressed out, and always putting your own needs behind everyone else’s.

OR… You can decide that enough’s enough.
That you deserve to feel great.
And that radiant wellness is not only possible; it’s yours for the taking.

Let me help you make it happen.

Hi – I’m Tanya Doherty, and as a holistic personal trainer, I work with people who want to reclaim their health and wellbeing, and rediscover how great they can truly feel inside their own skin.

I help my clients get amazing results by approaching their health and fitness from the inside out.

See, way too many people only focus on the external stuff – like getting a six-pack or losing inches off their ‘tum and bum’. And while those things are great (and loads of my clients have happily ticked them off their list of achievements!) I’ve found that they’re merely a happy side effect of doing the deeper work and approaching your transformation from all angles.

I want to help you get your glow on by working on your fitness and the inner stuff.

Which means that as well as increasing your strength, cardio fitness and flexibility, you’ll also be working on your relationship with food, your connection with your body, and your sense of self-worth and confidence.

Why do I do things this way? It’s simple really: After more than 6 years in the industry, I know that this is the BEST way to create sustainable, lasting change that you can see on the outside and feel on the inside.

And let it be said: this is not a my-way-or-the-highway approach to health.

I believe that you know your body better than anyone. In fact, I want to help you tune in to that inner wisdom even more – I’ll be teaching you how to listen to your body, how to give it the nutrients and nourishment it’s craving, and how to know when to push it and when to let it rest and recover.

This is for you if …

• You’re tired, wired, and frazzled all the time, with no energy leftover for the things that are important to you.

• You’re uncomfortable in your skin – in fact, even though you don’t like to admit it, sometimes you actually hate certain parts of your body (and you really wish you didn’t).

• You’re not coping with stress at all – you feel like life is one giant haze of pressure, tension, and anxiety. You can tell that it’s having an effect on your health and relationships, and you don’t like it.

• You know in your bones that to find answers, you need to look deeper than simply the food on your plate or the number of sit-ups you can do.

• You’re sick of trying to create healthy habits… and failing miserably after only a few days or weeks.

• You’re completely confused by what to do when it comes to health and fitness – you just want someone you can trust (and who knows what works) to tell you what to do and how to make it happen.

And most of all, this is for you if you’re tired of putting yourself last. If you’re sick of feeling lacklustre and second rate. And if you’re ready to step up and create real, lasting change.

You’ve got two options to choose from:

The Kick-Starter Package

(Group Training Program)

8-week program (3 sessions/week)

Your investment: $49 PER WEEK 

Location 1: Steyne Park, Double Bay
Session Times: 6am  Tues/Thurs/Fri
Class Size: Max 14 Participants
Location 2: Sydney Park, St Peters
Session Times: 6am Mon/Wed/Thurs
Class Size: Max 14 Participants
Location 3: Coogee Beach, Coogee
Session Times: 6am or 6:40am Mon/Wed/Fri 
Class Size: Max 12 Participants

This option is perfect if you love the extra motivation of a group environment or training with friends. You get the full benefit of my expertise and holistic approach without the 1:1 price tag. (Plus: keeping numbers small = big results!)

The Total Transformation Package

(1:1 Personal Training Program)

8 Week program (1-3 sessions/week)

Your investment: $80 per session.

Your sessions are held at same time each week for the duration of the program (unless by prior arrangement).

Timeslots available: Various

Location: Various


This option is perfect if you need the attention, inspiration and customised workout design of a 1:1 trainer who’s totally invested in your journey (and hell-bent on helping you reach your goals!)

Corporate and Employee Health and Wellness

For corporate health & wellbeing, contact me and we can build a customised program to suit your needs

And BOTH packages include these bonuses:

My signature worksheets and info pack, to help us decode what’s holding you back and develop a custom game-plan

A super-useful nutrition and recipe book, so that you know exactly how to fuel and nourish your body to reach your goals (includes loads of easy-to-prepare, yummy meal options)

Access to our exclusive Facebook support group, where you’ll find motivational updates, Q&As, trouble shooting, and the opportunity to connect with likeminded people (so that you never feel alone on the journey)

PLUS: Because I know that support is so ESSENTIAL for creating lasting change, during week 4 of your program, you’ll have a personal coaching call to talk you through any mindset or emotional issues that might crop up, and to answer all your burning questions. (This type of expert insight and support is what truly sets these programs apart.)

Whichever option you choose, by the end of the eight weeks, you’ll walk away feeling…

Lighter. Tighter. Brighter. Cleaner.

Increased fitness, strength and flexibility – your body will be performing at an enhanced level, and you’ll feel the difference in the way you move.

More energetic (the dreaded 3pm slump will be just a distant memory!)

Better able to handle stress and the challenges of life.

A more peaceful, balanced relationship with food, so that mealtimes no longer feel like a battlefield.

Increased ability to practise true self-care (so that you’re not running to the confectionary aisle every time you have a bad day).

Enhanced sense of self-worth, so that you can ditch the self-sabotage and make substantial progress on your goals.

Proud of your ability to hit targets, work hard, and experience amazing results.

If nothing changes…
then nothing changes.

Stop feeling tired and lifeless.

It’s time to start putting yourself – and your health – first,

so that you can (finally) look and feel the way you’ve always wanted to.

Is your heart saying a big ‘hell yes‘?!

To enrol now or to find out more, shoot me an email at