We are Sparta! A Beachfit workout

This workout is called we are Sparta as a tribute to the movie 300 – your first section is a 300 repetition challenge.

You need a skipping rope for this workout, but if you don’t have one replace the skips with high knees – fast high knees.

Warm up:

Jog to end of park and back jog

10x inchworms
10x squats
Repeat twice

Set 1 - 300 REP Challenge – Complete as quickly as possible.

20 Starjumps

20 Lunges

20 Burpees

20 Push ups

20 Squats

100 Skips


Set 2 – Pick a distance of around 200m. You can use your map my run to pick this out.

Complete a 60 second plank at the end of the 60 seconds jump up and spring as fast as you can to your 200m marker. Jog back to recover – repeat this 5x.

Set 3 - 500 REP Challenge – Again complete as quickly as possible

20 Skater Lunges

20 Tricep push ups

20 Bicycles
20 V sits

20 Mountain Climbers

100 skips

Repeat above 5 exercises twice

Recover and Stretch.

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