Summer Inspiration

17 January 2017

I love sharing my exciting finds, and hopefully helping you find some inspiration too!

This summer I’ve been obsessed with the following:


Summer to be means loads of smoothies, and substantial salads. I need substance, not lettuce leaves . Although this lunch/dinner is cooked, I let it cool down to room temperature. What I really love about it though is it’s a one pan dinner. Amazing! Find the recipe here.

For Smoothies, I’ve been turning to Lola Berrys most recent book for some summer inspiration. Too often I get lazy and it ends up being berries, coconut water / milk and flaxseed. Boring! Find her book here.


I’m absolutely in love with Gabrielle Bernstein Miracle membership. Every month you get access to a new podcast, talk and a meditation on a different topic each month. Absolutely keeps my inspiration tank full, and it a constant reminder to live in the present. Find out more about it here.

I’m going to see Danielle La Porte next month and I’m so excited! This women completely chase my mindset around goal setting, and I’m super excited to be doing her big beautiful book plan this year. If your in Sydney and love her, there might be tickets left here if your lucky.

 Books and documentaries: 

I haven’t been watching any documentaries, I tend to spend a lot more time outside in summer, so tend to load up on them in winter.

But books have a special place in my heart, I always find time for them, and they can come to the pool with me – win win.

Tony Robbins, Master Your Money – With a big move on the cards for us this year AND saving up for a house deposit, It felt time to dive deeper into this topic. I absolutely love Tony’s energy and think this is a great resource for anyone who wants to educate themselves on this topic more. As a society we are so ashamed to talk about money, but I just believe its energy – it ebbs and flows, and just try to be mindful with it.

Gabrielle Bernstein – The universe has your back. As mentioned we are planning a big move this year, so it's been imperative that I change my mindset to one of believe and not fear. This book and Gabrielle has been an integral part of shifting my mindset from fear into a place of love and giving me the confidence to chase my BIG dreams.

What’s inspiring you this season? Let me know in the comments below, so I can check it out x

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