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Great trainer, great person – I’d recommend her to all!

Brona Exactly what I needed to get my motivation for exercise going again! The location right in Coogee Beach is fantastic and awesome to see 3 times a week! The trainers are great, very informative and knowledgable and ready to help you out if you need to change something. Would definitely recommend this bootcamp!


Beachfit is amazing! I’m fitter, healthier and skinnier but most importantly I feel so much better mentally. BeachFit’s slogan is ‘get the mind on board and the rest will follow’ and I couldn’t agree more. The sessions, tutorials and community all helped me strive towards transforming my body, mind & soul. I couldn’t recommend Tanya, Nikki and BeachFit more highly!


Tanya Doherty is a wonderful personal trainer… I highly recommend her services.

Nova I have talked about getting fit for years, and had numerous half-hearted attempts but this is the first time that anything has stuck.. The improvements I have seen in the last few weeks are nothing short of dramatic. Both Tanya and Nikki are excellent instructors – funny, supportive and firm. Whilst “enjoying” is probably still a bit of a strong word (41 years of total aversion to exercise is a hard habit to break) I honestly feel much better and stronger after every session and have a real sense of achievement that is a pretty great feeling.


Amal Tanya Doherty is a wonderful personal trainer. She knows how far and hard to push you, but she also brings a holistic approach to training. She’s friendly, answers questions and provides great advice on diet. I highly recommend her services.


Jannine In our relatively short time together Tanya has managed to increase my level of grit, and has given me the confidence that I can get fit and strong. I often feel like a complete numpty, but I know it’s worth it. The sessions are not only about fitness, but also about being the best you possible. Tanya makes you work hard, but at least she does it with a smile :-)


Tanya has has given me the confidence that I can get fit and strong.
Rebecca I’ve been training with Tanya for around 3 years now and she’s awesome! Tanya is friendly, supportive, energetic and encouraging. There is little Tanya doesn’t know about all things related to health and wellbeing, sharing nutritious and yummy recipes ideas and taking a holistic approach to both her work and life. She challenges me and pushes me further than I think I can go but is able to fluidly adapt a session to what my body needs. After all these years I’m never bored and even through injuries the one constant training I’ve stuck to is our sessions. On days I don’t feel like seeing her (because I want to sleep in!) I always leave her feeling great and grateful. Can’t speak highly enough of T. Great trainer, great person – I’d recommend her to all!


She is charming, caring, persistent… Tanya has been our family’s personal trainer and fitness guru for 12 months.
Justin Tanya has been our family’s personal trainer and fitness guru for 12 months. She is charming, caring, persistent and will not take no for an answer – all of the qualities that we need to make our training sessions fun while still assisting us to define and achieve our fitness goals. Tanya also has a sense of humor which is a necessary but rare quality and is first to say that everyone has a little bit of “Pink” hiding somewhere inside.


Dina Tanya has been my personal trainer for nearly two years. This is the longest I have ever stayed with a regular exercise program. The reason for this is that Tanya provides a holistic approach to health, wellbeing and exercise.

I really like the fact that she listened to my physical health concerns and personalised my program. She changes my routine consistently and understands what I find challenging and what I enjoy doing and incorporates it into my regime.

Tanya not only cares about my physical health, she also routinely checks my general health and particularly my nutrition and food intake. Her love of good and nutritious food matches mine and we find that we have a lot in common (including a love of good music).

She is extremely approachable and caring, yet firm when it comes to moving me onto more challenging routines. In the two years I have been training with Tanya, I have made incredible progress in my flexibility, agility and strength.


Nikki Each and every session is different, challenging, good fun and her energy and enthusiasm is a blast of freshness and a bright way to start the day. Tanya designed programs around my ability and tailored them to what I enjoy doing. Training is fun, not a punishment. She helped me to feel great on my wedding day and train for my very first mud fun. She inspires me to push the boundaries.


Tanya helped me to feel great on my wedding day… She inspires me to push the boundaries.