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Small group personal training (capped at 14 per session),
that focuses on your lifestyle to ensure you get long-term sustainable results, stop dieting and finally achieve your goal.

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Quit dieting forever?
Stop wasting time exercising not seeing results?
Find your ideal weight, and stay there easily?
Stop constantly feeling overwhelmed, stressed and struggling?
Feel genuinely confident and happy to be in your own skin?

I’m massively excited to finally share with you the first Beachfit and Wellbeing program that promises you’ll walk away:

Lighter, tighter, Brighter, Cleaner.
More energetic.
Better able to manage stress.
Have a more peaceful, balanced relationship with food.
Proud of your abilities to hit targets, work hard and experience amazing results.
All by following my exclusive program, which consists of the following steps:
Step 1 Intention setting. If you don’t know exactly where you’re going, how will you get there?
Step 2Nourish yourself. From the inside out. Let’s ditch the diets and learn how to eat for life without counting calories or points.
Step 3MovementLearn how and when you should be moving your body to achieve your goals, and how to listen to your body and respond appropriately.
Step 4Sleep. A good night’s sleep will have a positive impact on how you choose to move your body, nourish your body, and feed you mind. Its a none negotiable.
Step 5Meditation. Get my top tips and resources on learning to tune in and drop in. Get the mind onboard and the body will follow.
Step 6Gratitude and journalling. Flipping the switch from negative thinking to positive vibes.
Step 7Stress. Learn how to manage it, and its negative effects that it’s having on your body.
Step 8Clean up your products. Learn about the effects your skincare and home products are having on your body, and how to minimize the load, and make the detoxification process on your body easier.
When you join the full program there’s a 14 day satisfaction guarantee – if you’re not happy within 14 days of the program starting, you get a full refund!

Sessions run:

Steyne Park, Double Bay – 6am – 6:45am Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays.

Sydney Park, Alexandria – 6am Monday, Wednesday and Fridays 

Coogee Beach – 6am – 6:40am OR 6:40am – 7:20am Monday, Wednesday and Fridays 

Make 2018 the year you achieve your goals!

What’s included:

Full accountability.

3x fun varied sessions a week following the Beachfit Method. 1x Boxing, 1x HIIT and 1x Strength

Signature worksheets and info pack to set you up for life, not just the 8 weeks.

Nutrition and recipe book, so you know how to fuel and nourish your body.

Access to the exclusive facebook community.

The option to add a yoga class to your membership – at a discounted rate.

14 day satisfaction guarantee – If you’re not happy within 14 days of the program starting, you get a full refund!
Each session is limited to 14 people, so make sure you don’t miss out.

Wellness, Community, Health, Fitness, Results…

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Here’s what others are saying about our programs…


Tanya knows how far and hard to push you, but she also brings a holistic approach to training. She’s friendly, answers questions and provides great advice on diet. I highly recommend her services.



The sessions are not only about fitness, but also about being the best you possible. Tanya makes you work hard, but at least she does it with a smile.



Tanya is friendly, supportive, energetic and encouraging. There is little Tanya doesn’t know about all things related to health and wellbeing. She challenges me and pushes me further than I think I can go, but is able to fluidly adapt a session to what my body needs.


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