The Beachfit Inspiration List

Are you on the look for for health books, healthy and inspirational people to follow, and inspiring events to round up?

I'm constantly stumbling across things and people that inspire me to lift my game, wellbeing and self care rituals. I wanted to share everything in one place, to help you feel inspired.


It's no secret that I love food. Not just any food, but healthy wholesome and nourishing food. There are so many amazing people doing amazing things, these are the foodies I turn to when I need some inspiration.

Food Fix Up - if you follow me on instagram you'll already be aware of my slight obsession with Stephs app. Incredible recipes all based on wholefoods, and includes vegan and paleo recipes too. ( My favourite recipe is the curry snapper with spicy potatoes - delish!)

Jessica Sepel - Jessica is a local nutritionist and has just launched her book the healthy life in August. I can't recommend this book enough! Jessica has revamped all of your favourites with a healthy spin without negating on flavour. Her book also includes gut healing protocols, information of mindful eating and so much more. Treat yourself now and buy!

Lola Berry - Lola Berry is also a nutritionist with a few incredible books under her belt. Incredible recipes, i'd be lost with one of her most recent books - the happy cookbook.


Melissa Ambrosini - Melissa is inspiring women and men all over the world to choose love over fear. Melissa shares her knowledge through live events throughout the country and over on her blog.

The Broad Place - Jacqui and her husband Arran offer educational courses in vedic meditation, and philosophy evenings at their studio in paddington and home in Warriewood. Jacqui has an incredible way of sharing stories and knowledge that allows for a magical thought provoking evening.

Gabrielle Bernstein - I love Gabby, and would recommend any of her books, and attending her events when she is in Australia. Gabby shares in such a positive way you can't help but not be inspired!


I always have a few books on my bedside table, kindle and ipad to read. I think currently I have over 120 unread books. Yes it's fair enough to say I have a slight obsession. These are the books that have made me think, delivered inspiration in the ten fold, and I recommend to my clients.

The untethered soul - This book has taken me a long time to read. It actually blows my mind. I found myself nodding along agreeing with the author. It's such a powerful book I would recommend taking your time to delve into it with a pen and a highlighter, as you will revisit it. Michael takes you through a journey to help you free yourself from limitations and soar beyond your boundaries.

Spirit Junkie, Add more Ing, miracles now by Gabrielle Bernstein

This page could have been a whole testament to Gabrielle Bernstein, she sincerely changed my life. Gabrielle guides you from separating you from your ego, and gently cracks you open step up step, until your connecting to your wiser self. I was fortunate enough to catch Gabby live at an event in Sydney, and it was great to meet someone so authentic, and who radiates light! She speaks in a language that connects with everyone, and is transparent in her teachings. I would recommend any of her books, especially miracles now, for small hits as it contains 108 tips that you can implement in less then 5 minutes.

 The Big Leap, Gay Hendricks

Do you self sabotage? You most likely do and aren’t even aware that your doing it. Gay Hendricks helps you unearth what is stopping you from living your dream life, and why you’re doing it. If you have ever thought about making changes in your life but have been scared too, or have no idea why you just can’t achieve that elusive goal, the big leap is for you. Gay helped me and my Husband to work out our blocks, and live a happier ore joyful life. It’s definitely still a work in practice but I know exactly where I’m faltering, and able to get back on track quickly.

I hope this helps to fill your inspiration cup, and helps you prepare for a brilliant 2016! If your ready to make change in your life, join the Beachfit team and get inspired for life x


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