Thriving with PCOS

Since I was 16 I was put on the pill. I was put on the pill for severe acne - previously to this I had tried rocctuane, and several other medications, and stayed on the pill for 10 years until I realised that it probably wasn't for me.

Thanks to magazine articles I always had a sneaking suspicion that I suffered from pcos. Bad skin, check, Irregular periods before I went on the pill, check and excessive body hair check.

I’d been to several doctors and mentioned that I thought this was a possibility, but was gave numerous medications and brushed off.

My periods were irregular, I was suffering from massive mood swings, painful periods, and my skin was bad, and making me feel depressed.

I went to the doctors and they ran some tests, and came back conclusive – I had PCOS. and told if I didn’t get pregnant to come back in 2 years.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands and turned to the Internet, and discovered Jess Ainscough The Wellness Warrior site, and many wellness sites from there.

This ended up in me experimenting with the following and more, and this is what I found works for me.

1 – I massively cut out dairy. I found this improves my skin dramatically.

2 – Gluten doesn’t agree with me. By eating a high protein, low carbohydrate, low sugar diet, keeps me from excess weight gain, which can be hard for us pcos suffers to shake.

3- Training with heavy weights just didn’t work for me, no matter how much I enjoyed it. Thanks to an increase in testosterone I found I would build muscle very easily. This might be a blessing for some, but for me, my main goal was to trim down not bulk up.

4 – Reducing chemicals in my diet and skincare. I started prioritizing the dirty dozen when it came to buying organically and as my skincare ran out, replacing it with a natural alternative. Chemical laden skincare has been known to contain hormone disruptors and since our skin absorbs 60-70% of what we put on it, into our bloodstream.

5 – Finding a doctor who understood. I went to countless doctors, and found several wanted to put me on the pill. For me personally I didn’t want to as I saw it as a band-aid solution. I eventually found an integrative doctor who worked with me to heal my gut and address nutritional deficiencies and found this made a huge difference.

6 – Listening to my body. If I’m having a particularly nasty period I listen to my body and ask it what it needs. It may be a yin yoga class opposed to a HIIT training session, and that’s ok.

This ultimately led me to create the 8 week Beachfit and Wellbeing program. I have taken everything that I have learnt over the past 5 years of experimenting, and created it into a 8 week educational and small group training program to help women thrive! You can find more here.

Does this mean that I’m cured yet? Far from it, but it means I’m capable of living a healthy, active lifestyle and hopefully the baby we so desire is so much closer.

If you know a friend who suffers from pcos, I'd love it if you could share - the more open we are, the more educated and supportive we can be of eachother!

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