My Top 5 Health, Life and Wellbeing Podcasts.

21 March 2017

A few years ago, podcasts weren’t on my radar. Now I listen to podcasts any chance I get when I drive, walk, clean the house or even work (I’m listening to one now).

They’ve infiltrated my life and I LOVE them, it's one of my favorite ways of consuming content. I’ve listened to a fair few and have honed my subscription list, so I never feel like my list is out of control. (Type A Personality anyone)

I must confess my list is pretty serious, but encompasses everything I love - food, wellness, business, and inspiration. I thought I would help you out and share my top 5 podcasts.

1 - The Melissa Ambrosini Show.

As soon as I heard Melissa was releasing a podcast I knew this would be one of my favorites. It launched in February and I’ve already binge listened to every episode. Melissa is empowering women to master their mean girl and her podcast is empowering women and men everywhere to take control of their health, wealth and love.

One of my favourite podcasts so far has been the podcast with kultured wellness. I’m a little bit obsessed with gut health after having mine tested in 2015, and this podcast was amazing informative and inspiring!

2 - School Of Greatness by Lewis Howes

Wow. This podcast was one of the first I stumbled on, and Lewis is inspiring. he hosts 3 podcasts a week, and one of my favourites each week is 5 minute Fridays. Seriously gets you pumped up for life. He also interviews amazing people, digs deep, and hosts solo shows, seriously one to get your inspiration amped up!

3 - The Slow Home podcast

This podcast is hosted by Brooke McAlary and her husband, and is all about slowing down the pace of your life. I love the monthly challenges they set themselves , and hearing how they navigate through the challenges, and the impact that they have in their lives. Great podcast to if you have a family, as they often talk about slowing down as a family too.

4 - Magic Lessons by Elizabeth Gilbert

Creatively has been one of my words for the past 2 years, and its something I’ve been trying to create more time for in my life. Albeit I think about it a lot more then I action, but Elizabeths podcast is based on her lessons from her amazing book on creatively big magic.

Every episode she chats to a different person who is working on a creative project and helps them bust through the blocks.

5 - Low Tox Life by Alexx Stuart

Alex interviews health and wellness specialists and dives deep into topics that effect us all, I love the actionable take away’s, and it always leaves me inspired to create more positive change in my own life, and share the tips with others.

I’d love to hear your podcast recommendations? Let me know in the comments below x

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