Trainer Confessions – Surviving The First Trimester

27 February 2018

If you haven't already read about our 5 year fertility journey find it here, and here.

The First trimester was a really messy time for us. I’ve previously had 2x miscarriages between 5 – 6 weeks, so getting to that milestone was really important for me.

It was also a time of awe, excitement and dreaming – it was finally happening.

For the first 5 weeks life went on as usual. I decided to stop doing yoga, as I had previously just done yoga before I had my previous miscarriage after the instructor told me I would be fine as I was fit. Obviously yoga could have had nothing to do with it – but it sticks in your mind.

In our sixth week we had a wedding in Brisbane to attend. It was a lovely day, I was starting to feel nauseous by this time and a bit more tired, but otherwise super excited.

About 6pm on the wedding day I popped to the toilet, and at this stage was obsessively checking for blood every time I went to the toilet.

To my dismay there was blood on the tissue. I dragged my husband into the disabled toilet and asked him to check incase I was going nuts.

He agreed there was blood and we had to go to ER. We went to the closest hospital who told us to go to a private hospital down the road as they were better equipped to deal with early pregnancy.

Myself and husband were hysterical. We were both convinced it was happening again.

We spent 4 hours at the hospital waiting for blood test results and finally a scan which showed everything looked ok, and told not to worry.

We went back to the hotel and crashed, and headed to Byron Bay the next day happy!

I continued to bleed and tried to push it to the back of my mind, until I went to the toilet 4 days after our initial hospital visit to find a lot more blood. Convinced this was it I went to ER again, to get blood tests, and a scan to be told everything looked ok, but to go back to the early pregnancy clinic the next day.

We went back the next day, and had a chat with the nurse, ironically they share the department with reproductive medicine, so it was a bit of a kick in the teeth!

After many hours waiting around, and waiting for a report from the Brisbane hospital, we went for a ultrasound, which showed the babies heartbeat, and that the bleeding was outside of the babies house, and should stop in the next few days.

Amazed we headed home, where I went to bed and crashed out for 3 hours.

The next 6 weeks flew by. I had some super cravings and for about a week survived on bagels and cream cheese. The thought of meat/veggies was literally enough to make me vomit. I could only stomach super simple food.

I was also quite upset by the fact that ‘morning sickness’ seemed to be all day sickness, and struggled to get through a day.

After my bagel craving came a chocolate craving. Beige carbs and chocolate were literally the only things that stopped me from feeling sick. I beat myself up about it, as I’m sure many women believe as soon as you find out your pregnant you plan on being a green smoothie guzzling goddess!

It was completely the opposite for me, and I was reassured by my amazing gp, that the first 12 weeks were all about survival!

At 11 weeks we booked in for a nest test, to check the chances of downs syndrome and find out the sex! So many people told us to leave it as a surprise, but after 5 years of trying to conceive we were desperate to find out.

I was convinced it was a girl and would of put money on it. I’ve previously had strong visualization's of myself and husband with a daughter, so we picked out a few girls names.

At the scan they told us the baby had long legs – my husband and brother also had long legs, so my husband was convinced it was a boy.

We waited for the results for a week, to be told everything was low risk, and low and behold we were having a boy!


At my first antenatal appointment I had to step on the scales. As you can imagine with my cravings I was not looking forward to this. I also completely stopped exercising apart from walking. I had put on 2.5kg.

Time to change my game plan. The healthy weight for someone my weight to put on during a pregnancy is 7 – 111kg, and I fully intended to stay within these guidelines.

Time to change course for the second trimester… Keep an eye out for this post – coming to you in 4 weeks.



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